I’ve been setting the stage in this series of articles to demonstrate how theoretically mad cow could indeed be flourishing in the USA’s beef industry. We’ve discussed the CAFO process and the role of the rendering industry. According to several Nobel Laureates (both experts in prion diseases) there are several loopholes in the American beef industry which could propagate our version of mad cow. Based on this information we could all be eating infected beef, chicken and pork, not to mention certain certain other known risks (see below). If this is the case then why aren’t we seeing scores of patients with CJD? As you will see the answer may shock you.

The prion that causes mad cow (in the UK) and hence CJD in humans may also cause a more quiet presentation in the downer cow. Here in the US. Compelling evidence exists that a variant of mad cow is in the US beef supply showing symptoms more like a DOWNER COW.  I don’t mean to scare you here but what I am about to tell you can only be the end result of a repugnance, a corruption of nature that will produce blowback on a galactic scale. Since Big Meat is so greedy and rapacious and their decades long practice of feeding all guts to all creatures in their food industry we now have associations of sporadic CJD with weekly beef consumption, roast lamb, veal, venison, brains of any kind, North American seafood, exposure to fertilizers, sport fishing and deer hunting and lastly even exposure to leather products![1] In case you missed the deer connection that would be through the escape of penned deer that had eaten-you guessed it-processed, rendered, protein concentrates in deer chow. Or wild deer getting into the food supplies of penned deer. Farmed fish may be a new eerie link as well.

What about your polio vaccine? You didn’t think I’d leave that link out did you? As I mentioned in the vaccines chapter polio virus needs to grow in living tissue. That tissue is calf’s serum or monkey kidney cells as well as some other cow parts that are used in the vaccine industry.[2]

As for chickens and turkeys we have from a Dateline NBC interview who quoted Nobel Laureate Dr. Carleton Gajdusek, as saying, “it’s got to be in the pigs as well as the cattle. It’s got to be passing through the chickens.” Chickens may operate possibly as a silent carrier that we then eat and become infected.


Lately some things have been happening that you may wish to silently shudder over. There have been 3 cases of mad cow recently discovered in the US. The latest in California in 2012 was a cow stricken with the new variant form of BSE also called the atypical stain of mad cow. They are called atypical because they appear as downers not as raving lunatic cows with cutlass in hand crashing about.

Let’s do the math. We have 100,000,000 cows. The variant mad cow is supposed to sporadically appear one in one million so we have 100 cows at any given time with this new variant. Now examine the cannibal circuits like cattle blood to calves and chicken shit to cows, etc., and watch the prions grow and multiply.

Mini mental status exam for the USDA: if we have sporadic mad cow at one in one million meaning 100 infected cows, isn’t that reason enough to stop the cannibal circuits? I mean you don’t need to be a PhD to figure how quickly this disease could amplify.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program….

We also clearly have way more downers than 100 and many may be killed before they show signs of disease but we have at least tens of thousands of downers every year. The cow in California died of a particularly virulent form of BSE called BASE, bovine amyloidotic spongiform encephalopathy AKA L-type atypical BSE.[3] They present as downers and it is thought that if infected with this variant strain humans may be particularly susceptible to its lethality.

Recall that with mad cow running rampant in England in the mid eighties only a few thousand are expected to die (we hope) suggesting a robust barrier between cows and humans.[4] We may not be able to infer the same for the cows in America. Evidence suggests that this new form is far deadlier and virulent to human populations. It’s interesting that the downer was discovered in California where a law excluding downer cows from the food supply was recently overturned by the California Supreme Court. As Dr Greger tells us:

In 2008, an undercover investigation by The Humane Society of the United States of a dairy cow slaughterplant in California showing that downers were being dragged to slaughter for school lunch hamburgers prompted California to strengthen its laws to keep downer livestock out of the food supply. The meat industry, represented by the National Meat Association and the American Meat Institute, responded by successfully suing the state of California to keep meat from downed animals on people’s plates on the grounds that only USDA had the authority to determine which animals should not be forced to the kill floor for humane or public health reasons.

You have probably forgotten all about this menace. It will be 20 years (by 2013) since the peak of public uproar in the UK and nothing much has happened since. However, experts speculate the handful of deaths may be only the tip of a massive iceberg in which millions of people who are already infected are living out their incubation period of decades.

You might want to think about the exponential rise of neurodegenerative diseases in America particularly the explosive rise of Alzheimer’s disease. When I present the next part of this saga I will discuss the possibility that what we are actually seeing in many cases of Alzheimer’s disease is indeed vCJD from of course our indulgence in hamburgers made from the downer cow population. Food for thought or should I say brain (bad pun I know).


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Dr. Christopher Rasmussen (aka Reality Renegade) is the author of his upcoming book, "InflaNATION: Industrial Diners & A Doc In The Box." By deliberately avoiding harmful industrial foods and the Commercial Sick Care System with its Pills and Procedures paradigm, Dr Rasmussen cured himself of a deadly disease-which became the reason for writing this book. In the book, he provides the facts you must know and the solutions to regain your health, maintain wellness, and outlive your parents' generation in an extraordinarily toxic world.

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  1. Zona says:

    Researchers believe that catlte become infected with spongiform encephalitis when they consume the brains and spinal cords of other infected catlte. They have difficulty walking or standing and might appear to be off-balance. They have behavior and attitude changes and lose weight even though they continue to eat. Infected cows continue to physically and mentally deteriorate until they are either put down or die from the disease. Humans with CJD develop similar symptoms. They have difficulty with their coordination and suffer from memory loss, withdrawal, depression and muscle spasms. Some infected patients also have difficulty sleeping. The symptoms of mad cow Disease take a long time to show. It may be 2-8 years of being infected before the patient shows any symptoms. The symptoms in cows are unco-ordinated movement, loss in weight despite a good appetite, trouble standing and walking, less milk production and an overall change in attitude. The symptoms keep on worsening till the animal can not stand up at all, in which case they are referred to as downers. The symptoms keep on getting worse and finally result in death -16Was this answer helpful?

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