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It’s alimentary my dear Mr Watson. Modern man’s gut microbiome met its first health insult 10,000 years ago with the advent of agriculture pruning us by 6 inches due to micronutrient deficiencies from monocultured grain eating. It added numerous new diseases such as rotten teeth, degenerative joint disease and obesity. Next came the Industrial Revolution with the introduction of roller mills about 150 years ago. This allowed the masses to consume highly refined grain flour void of micronutrients and fiber, for the first time. More recently agri-chemistry along with the discoveries below helped launch Industrial Dinners on an impressive scale. At around the end of WWII we had the beginnings of industrial excitotoxin use and petrochemical-pesticide farming, a direct spin-off from their military-industrial applications of phosphate and nerve gasses. The innovation of antibiotics which in less than a decade became some of the most widely prescribed medicines in the world added the much needed “silver bullet” to radically alter a person’s gut biome. Dysbiosis from antibiotics is perhaps the very latest affront to our deteriorating health like a line of poisonous dominos knocking us over one after another relentlessly.

Dr Campbell-McBride

Dr Campbell-McBride

For example Dr McBride in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome tells us that 100% of the mothers of her children with the diagnosis of autism have dysbiosis. Going back another generation the grandmothers of these kids also have dysbiosis but milder. It’s an inherited condition. If your mom has pathogenic gut flora she’s going to give it to you (the baby) whether you like it or not. Then as the baby matures over the months her poor diet promotes an ear infection, which she will inevitably receive antibiotics for, thus magnifying the baby’s inherited dysbiosis. Formula feeding which nowadays is like giving your baby a highly processed, Roundup rich, sugary, GMO, soy shake will help generate a completely different and foreign micro-floral milieu. That’s three massive alterations to the gut and the baby isn’t even one year old yet. Routinely eat crummy, processed foods, line up for your panoply of immune destroying vaccines (say what?) and you essentially complete all that may be necessary to tip some children over into ASD or full blown autism or some other new “it” disease like ASIA. Sound unbelievable? I know Billy. It’s called cognitive dissonance. Now go online and see how this all relates to JFK, Roswell and the three kilometer meteor heading our way from deep space.


As mentioned above a further contribution to dysbiosis in the baby is to be bottle fed and vaccinated. Once again we see the process of dysergy frantically at work firing up the kilns of mental-emotional disorders in this case. It’s the combination of many rather “normal” things we do with children that really contributes to this dysergy: what I have termed elsewhere as Dangerous and Deadly Dysergy or DADD. As I mention throughout the book these things are only normal in an abnormal society where we have migrated far from the natural tree that spawned us. This is one more compelling reason why you must do all of the proper lifestyle changes to recreate yourself or child into wellness. Just follow the principles in my book and you will create powerful synergies that will go a long way toward eliminating your disorder, clearing your mind, and making you feel great.

Dr. McBride: once dysbiosis is established in a child any number of things can occur pathologically. As noted many mental illnesses may be the result of such a dysfunction of the gut or it may promote the illness in some undefined way. A newborn depends upon normal healthy gut flora for the development of immune function. Without normal gut flora, the baby becomes immuno-compromised.

This can also open the door for eczema, colic, asthma,…, and other allergic reactions. Because the immune system isn’t working well, the mucus membranes start overproducing mucus that can lead to frequent ear and chest infections.


Recall that 75% of children by the time they are 6 years old will have had at least one case of otitis media (ear infection). Other diseases possibly associated with dysbiosis are numerous such as: irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, to name a few. Dr McBride reminds us that we are experiencing an epidemic of so-called mental disorders that include autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). All of these “new” diseases have an element of dysbiosis associated with them. Within the last twenty years we’ve seen a 40-fold increase in newly diagnosed cases of autism. Here’s the interesting thing… according to Dr. Campbell when you take a closer look at all these individuals, you realize that they are also physically ill.


Of course, the fact that children with autism are also physically sick isn’t new. Dr Wakefield pointed it out fifteen years ago. His initial group of children, The Lancet 12, all suffered from autism. They also suffered from a gastrointestinal disorder similar to or identical to Crohn’s disease. Others had noticed this too but Wakefield was the first to publicly suggest that live measles may be responsible. The possibility that these two diseases shared the same origin from the live MMR vaccine was so heretical and threatening to the establishment-the fear of massive lawsuits and loss in significant sales revenue-that it cost him his license. London has a thousand year history of placing its enemy’s heads on a pike for all to see. In Wakefield’s case why mess with success. He should be thrilled he didn’t follow the same fate as William le Wallace of Scotland.

Now before you hike your suspenders, cycle your inner monolog on Wakefield and snort a kabob across the floor, shut up read his book first just as I had to do. Then read all of his studies and then read all of the researchers that have completely vindicated him. Then you will understand both sides of the story with Dr Wakefield. I do have one personal bugbear: it’s people trying to argue when they clearly don’t know any of the facts. Such as doctors who tow the establishment line because everyone else believes it. Do you remember when we all thought the Earth was flat? Then they proved that it really was flat? That’s what I mean. You’ll see that Wakefield never said the MMR vaccine caused autism-not even close. You can find the true story in my chapter on vaccines. Where were we?


OK, I’m done stressing over the Lancet 12. Stress and all of its contingencies are another powerful force in altering gut health. Just like stress being an exceptionally important contributor to heart health so too is it important in colon wellbeing, once again living up to its imperious title that I happily coined as the great destroyer.

Researchers Bailey and Coe discovered that when baby macaques between the ages of 6-9 months were separated from their mothers their intestinal flora immediately started to change. By separation day one the concentration of lactobacilli was already decreasing and the concentrations of the pathogenic bacteria Shigella and Campylobacter were increasing. This nicely demonstrated that psychological stress can easily alter the integrity of indigenous microflora. Other stress changes such as inhibition of gastric acid release, alterations in motility and increased bicarbonate production in the duodenum can significantly lead to decreased survival of lactobacilli causing them to dislodge from the gut epithelium where they serve their protective role and to pass out of the system in the stool. Stress also leads to a decrease in the production of mucin and other protective molecules on the colon’s mucosal surface.[1] These functions are vital in keeping pathogenic bacteria from adhering to the mucosal surface and successfully proliferating.

Since both mucin and acidic mucopolysaccharides are important for inhibiting adherence of pathogenic organisms to the gut mucosa, a decrease in either contributes significantly to successful colonization by pathogenic organisms.[2]

Researchers such as Dr Lizko have documented that stress leads to a decrease in immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA plays an important role in mucosal immunity i.e., preventing harmful bacteria from adhering onto the gut wall. So any decrease in the patient’s IgA most likely will lead to a concomitant increase in the proliferation of potentially pathogenic organisms.[3]

Fear and anger can alter fecal flora too. Holdeman et al documented up to a 30% rise in a B. fragilis subspecies. When the situation resolved the organisms in the feces returned to normal levels. This may be related to the body’s “fight or flight” response with increased epinephrine levels.[4]

It appears based on the studies mentioned above and others that the stress hormones-the fight or flight hormone-neurotransmitters-epinephrine, and especially norepinephrine have the ability to promote the growth of numerous potentially pathogenic microorganisms.[5]

Take the gram negative enteric E-coli, famous for bladder infections worldwide and more deadly diseases depending on the strain such as the one that killed 4 kids who ate partially cooked hamburgers at Jack-in-the-Jaw that fated day about thirty years ago. This organism which is abundant in all of our colons generates a special “growth hormone” when exposed to norepinephrine. This hormone can be shared by different species of gram negative bacteria in the gut to accelerate growth up to 100,000 times faster in a prodigious and breathtaking display of symbiosis.[6]

Go Pills-Speed

Go Pills-Speed

This is nothing short of awe inspiring yet terrifying. Imagine the bacterial overgrowth response and the imbalance produced with the normal enteric flora from a constant diet of stress, meals ready to eat (MRE), sugary or artificially sweetened “go” drinks and “go pills,” our warrior’s today harbor in the deep recesses of their bowels. Perhaps this, quite predictably, causes more mental-emotional turmoil than we are led to believe at first.

We should look at this more closely to determine if any new, novel substances are being spawned by these colonic colonists and how that in turn affects the soldier’s mental and physical health. The overuse of psychiatric drugs is sadly quite prevalent in the armed forces which I discuss at length in my section on antidepressants. All branches have seen an exponential rise in the prescribing of polypharmacy to these young men and women in the last decades. There is already an established link, usually through the propagation of mania, between suicide, murder and the use of SSRI antidepressants for those academics emotionally stable enough to draw the proper conclusions. There may be much more to the frantically high rates of suicide and murder among our nation’s valiant protectors which by one estimate is up to 18 suicides per day. Perhaps gut flora, in some mysterious way is helping to alter these poor victim’s minds into a dangerous and deadly delusionary impulsiveness known by my new ridiculous acronym as DADDI.

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