The degree of fear and paranoia regarding the sun is at its zenith

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The degree of fear and paranoia regarding the sun is at its zenith (ha ha) within the academic halls of dermatology. Picture this: pots of church incense and wafts of sweet smoke, a small group of cloistered, fully frocked, “priests” donning freshly laundered lab coats so long that tiny, highly-trained, squirrel monkeys are needed to carry the tails like a bride’s dress. In perhaps the best quote I have come across in decades the Environmental Working Group printed this from the AAD in their article Sunscreens Exposed 9 Surprising Truths:


 [the] American Academy of Dermatology holds that “there is no scientifically validated, safe threshold level of UV exposure from the sun that allows for maximal vitamin D synthesis without increasing skin cancer risk” (AAD 2009).


Well there you have it, ten minutes of sunlight. Wait ONE MINUTE of sunlight is far too much of a risk for skin cancer. Let’s all go home and stay indoors forever. I still laugh every time I read that sentence. What a bunch of nonsense. Again what kind of skin cancer? If we are referring to deadly CMM risk then we need to rethink that statement. Especially since it’s coming from a group of physicians that in general are some of the sickest folks around: pale, fat, and hypertensive, because they have all drank the dermatology Kool Aid and are avoiding all sunlight. Why believe these dewlapped alcoholics? They are not in the least bit concerned with all of the magical cancer protective properties of adequate sunlight exposure and therapeutic vitamin D levels.


I should be crying however because many of you will actually believe that gibberish. This is particularly true since Junk Food TV will pick it up like a terrier that got into Uncle Donk’s ADD meds and run with it. The View will discuss it with all of their expertise (sic) and mime whatever the talking head mentioned and then it will be settled as fact.


How can these same people who claim to be so interested in your health and well-being regarding wrinkles and skin cancer, completely and utterly take no notice of the multitude of disease causing blowback: many diseases far worse than “skin cancer,” based on their recommendations?


Did you notice that there is absolutely no mention of the problems with many sun screen agents? It’s very easy to cure precancerous SCC lesions called actinic keratosis. Both basal cell cancer (BCC) and squamous cell cancer (SCC) are easily cured most of the time. Moreover, there is no statement clarifying the definition between skin cancer and malignant melanoma? Yet, it appears as if one of them, the deadly CMM is not related to sun exposure at all. What about the recent studies demonstrating that sunscreens may be promoting MM? Or what about the aluminum (Al) content of some sunscreen preparations with their unique ability to combine with the active chemicals in sunscreens, or to act separately, to become powerful pro-oxidants? These oxidative factories should not be dismissed as some kook’s blathering either. Sun avoidance and the use of some sunscreens may be the exact opposite of what’s best for you:


The free radicals thus made (from some sunscreens) and their endocrine-like effects can in turn help to generate more serious and deadly cancers while simultaneously impairing the patient’s immune system through hypovitaminosis D.




But wait there’s more. If you act now through this special TV offer you can impair your fertility big time. Due to many estrogen mimicking chemicals in our environment and probably other factors as well, men have dropped their sperm counts by 50% over the last 50 years.[1] Women are experiencing all sorts of estrogen excess diseases, yet we are still encouraged to slather on copious amounts of xenoestrogens some in the form of sunscreens.


Why has the dermatology community, akin to ostriches with their heads buried, ignored this obvious glitch in their recommendations which can be a real assault on our health? It’s for the same reason that we see the blatant overuse of other medicine cabinet all-stars: like the psychiatric (SSRI’s & AAP’s) and cardiologic (statins) blockbusters that didn’t get that way by sitting on the benches. Could it be that our trusted “thought leaders” within the dermatology academia have a huge conflict of interest?


I’ll leave you with a quote from Loren Pickart PhD from Skin Biology:This raises the questions as to why no member of the academic dermatology community, over the past 30 years, raised warnings about the dangers of chemical sunscreens. The answer is that the cosmetic industry has effectively silenced leading academic dermatologists by a widespread pattern of payments in the form of consulting fees, grants, retainers, vacation arrangements, and so on.

In essence, industry has bought their silence on issues and products that might be embarrassing. Most academic dermatologists focus their attention on innocuous, safe, non-controversial topics that will not offend their corporate sponsors. Like Dr. Faust, they must honor their agreements with their benefactors.[2]


This is yet one more reason to view your community doctor with a jaundiced eye if he simply follows the party line like a good Doc in the Box (DIB). They, like so many pawns on a national chess board, are being played for all the reasons we have been through before. So remember, quit trying to outdo Mother Nature, quit listening to our Faustian thought leaders on Junk Food TV, or to well meaning but completely uninformed community dermatologists.


Remember if you can tan do it slowly without sunscreen. A tan is God’s sunscreen. If you cannot tan use a macro-mineral sunscreen, wear a hat and be very careful not to burn. Most importantly is that for all of you fair skinned people only 10-20 minutes of high noon sun-just enough to add a nice, pink blush to your bare skin-on as much body surface as possible-will create all of the vitamin D you’ll need and all of those other sun elements formed on your skin that we have yet to elucidate. That’s it, just a few minutes and you’re done.


If you suffer from depression or any other chronic disease follow the suggestions listed above and rigorously follow my advice on lifestyle change. Give it time to work. Don’t expect an overnight change and for peat’s sake man up and get a tan! That blue alabaster skin with those little veins does not look good. It’s funny how everything old is new again. We all used to think pasta made you fat way back and guess what? It does. Having a tan used to be a sign of outstanding health, and guess what? It still is.


It turns out just like in those old school ads showing healthy people with tans that those folks actually were healthier. Now was that so difficult?


So, calabash in pie-hole with arms akimbo, book in bag (because I read), fingers splayed for purchase, move over squirrels the suns out and that’s my spot.

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