Dear Friends, Fellow Wellness Enthusiasts & Those Seeking Wellness:

You may have already read a few of my blog posts which are actually chapters from my upcoming book, InflaNATION: The Industrial Diner & A Doc In The Box.

InflaNATION: The Industrial Diner and A Doc In The Box is the definitive text on health maintenance, including diet, exercise, industrial toxicity, alternative medicine, the dangers of many of the most popular medications like the SSRI’s, the atypical antipsychotics and the statins, curing or preventing heart disease (I use myself as an example) and many other so called diseases of affluence.

I also fully investigate the contentious issue of autism and vaccines and vaccine safety in general, diabesity and the most likely causes of weight gain-hint:  there are more factors involved than simply stopping high fructose corn syrup. It is a book on lifestyle change – like having your own personal lifestyle coach at your fingertips. It is also very heavily referenced for those of you who like critical reading. My chapter about the mechanisms of atherosclerosis, for example, lists over 100 sources.

I’m excited to share with you the wisdom I have obtained from ten years of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice combined with my teaching skills in the basic biological and medical sciences (biology, physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, clinical science and pathophysiology) My practice encompasses both western and eastern medical models with over 20 years of clinical experience in anesthesiology, pain management, internal medicine, and fitness & nutrition.

I  believe I’m in an unprecedented position to help patients with complex medical problems, for which mainstream medicine offers no help.  I also aim to teach eager acupuncture students about what medical conditions are important to understand in a common acupuncture practice so they can successfully and effectively adapt to today’s toxic, inflamed patients.

Furthermore, I am currently working on a solution to the problem of toxicity in today’s modern patient and the reliability of standard Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis. Stay tuned for more information as I develop my second website devoted to this enigma while offering CEU courses that I feel will really help the LAc in their office based practice.

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To learn more about what I mean by “Industrial Diner” and a “Doc In the Box” (or DIB), check out this post: http://inflanation.com/announcements/what-is-infla-nation/


Chris Rasmussen