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Some of the biggest mistakes made with commercial medicine is the inability to recognize food as medicine, to correct hormonal deficiencies, understand the body’s innate healing mechanism and practice prevention. Let’s continue with Jimmy’s case. Jimmy’s saga is nearly over but the most shocking things have yet to be told.

So what do I know that they (his DIB’s) don’t that can be of further benefit for Jimmy? For starters I know that Jimmy does not don cloven hooves yet his diet reflects ungulate origins; that his Doc in the Box (DIB) doesn’t know anything about nutrition and doesn’t care; he’s also apathetic since he’s only mentioned the American Diabetes Association-ADA-diet which is a fattening, high-carb affair not unlike that given to confined stockyard animals with a guaranteed analysis like in this example: crude protein min 13.6%, crude fat min 2.4%, crude fiber max 6.3%, ash max 6.5, that leaves about 60-70% carbohydrate depending on the fat/protein content which is identical to the ADA diet in carb percentage. The only difference is that the animal gets more exercise than Jimmy-even if it’s in its own feces. I would add that the steer is happier even with the knowledge that he will soon be steak because he doesn’t have to be on an AAP. Don’t forget the simple observation that Jimmy’s DIB is also sick-n-fat: can’t learn much about diet from a fat guy.

As you can see so far Jimmy is lost in the CSCS and he is a chronic as well which breaks my heart. I offer a better approach for Jimmy’s care, an approach that addresses the root of the problem which is often a hormonal deficiency on top of everything and to address food as medicine which goes a long way to help lose the body fat. These are the tickets out of this hell.

How? It is a multifaceted approach and each depends on one another. As I explain in the section on bioidentical hormones, testosterone (T) and thyroid hormones are first and foremost “feel good” hormones. They are also much more than that since they are instrumental in keeping your heart and endothelium, all of your guts, young and alive. They will reverse the obesity-hypogonadal cycle which Jimmy suffers from. Now his DIB is never going to use that term: obesey-hypowhat?? Likewise, don’t go asking your DIB about obesity-hypogonadal cycles either. All you’ll get is the “he’s a kook” smirk. Jimmy’s worthless allopath had his chance and now it’s my turn so mover over buddy there is a new dog at the trough and he’s pissed off.


What are they? Bioidentical hormone therapy is the art of replenishing ALL of your deficient hormones not just cherry picking certain ones like insulin and forgetting the rest. We test for sex hormones, precursor hormones like DHEA, thyroid and sometimes cortisol for the short list. See my full chapter on these amazing materials for the entire picture. I shoot for levels of testosterone (T) in the high-normal range for a 20-25 year old as the starting point keeping in mind that according to Dr Morgantaler, the Havard urologist and expert on testosterone, there is no real correlation between feeling the effects and the serum level of T. One of your endpoints is to make your patient feel alive again-a sense of well being. If your patient still feels nothing, doesn’t feel any stronger in the gym and still can’t gain any muscle mass then up the dose. In other words if he still feels like he’s 60 years old then you need to increase the dose. It’s a clinical correlation; there is no one size fits all like many DIB’s feel. Correcting the thyroid is another task which is a bit more complicated and involved sometimes. This is where physicians are completely flummoxed. Getting Jimmy hormonally corrected will help control his diabesity and help correct his hypertension (especially as he loses body fat); cholesterol issues usually disappear when the thyroid becomes normalized; anxiety and several hormones are related through brain serotonin once corrected anxiety disappears; blood sugar normalizes as weight is lost through proper diet, correcting T, normalizing thyroid hormones and adding in exercise. Finally heart disease and cancer risk greatly diminishes with the above corrections.


Joey back in his prime (sic)


Nice guns bro, now getattahere!

I am oversimplifying here to make a point but as far as T goes. Suffice it to say that there are plenty of studies that demonstrate testosterone’s effectiveness in safely helping to relieve anxiety, create better resolution of the metabolic syndrome, lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, and help treat depression to name but a few (but a few, wasn’t it actuallyJoey” Buttafuoco?).

In fact, T was tailor made for Jimmy’s problems. One of the things researchers are discovering is that as we lose testicular production of T many of us will inevitably spiral into fat, grumpy, soft and sick middle agers. That’s affectionately called the middle ages. From there you become Mr “You kids get out of my yard, or are you going to pick up yer dogs mess?” guy.

Yet astonishingly the CSCS doesn’t even recognize T as a therapy and most uninformed doctors will view it as kooky just like Jimmy’s FP-DIB did. They have no problem giving you insulin (another anabolic hormone) or thyroid when deficient but hold on mate no way are you getting T. Yet it’s the one hormone that could truly make a sick, aging man’s life much better and healthier; leading to endothelial rejuvenation and wellness.

The old way, the CSCS way, is content on leaving you sick and treating the symptoms of disease with the tired old blubbering: “You are getting older Timmy, it’s just old age which is normal. Learn to live with the fat not against it.” I think I can do better than that.

The goal is to eliminate medications-not to keep adding more into the stewpot. It takes a few months for T to completely accelerate the patient to a new status and thyroid, in Jimmie’s case, needs to be titrated in slowly because of his heart disease. In a month or two he would start to experience a reversal of some of his symptoms. With hormonal regulation (and acupuncture and herbs) the anxiety would eventually disappear and with that the most toxic drug could be eliminated-Seroquel. Of course, if his SSRI is the cause of his anxiety (they are a very common CAUSE-from unpublished findings discovered by Peter Breggin, MD as expert witness) then when we finally eliminate it we have the cure as well. Either way the AAP and the SSRI are gone for good and that’s a major accomplishment. That my friend is the most important hurdle-eliminating the most toxic prescriptions- and certainly worth celebrating with a fatted calf or two stuffed with chestnuts.

No honey, we don’t boil it, we will be roasting it on a spit. Just sit down and pay attention son.


This is anathema to the medical elites, and you may wish to take umbrage but one drug Seroquel is at the core of his medical condition. It is the cause of his illnesses not the other way around. Jimmy started out 20 year ago with complaints of anxiety and depression but ended up with obesity, severe heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, a massive subdural hematoma (2013) requiring emergency craniotomy,chronic disability, advancing liver disease due to drinking because the SSRI’s are known to increase cravings for alcohol (Dr Ann Blake Tracy). All of this developed from the use of the SSRI’s and the atypical antipsychotics yet he still has anxiety. Did you catch that part? He still has anxiety! This may be the best proof we have that his SSRI is causing his anxiety just as those secret files indicate. Remember too that if you wean off of your SSRI too fast you will feel like bungee-jumping in Big Sur without a cord . Jimmy tried this sans my help and it ended in disaster.

How is his present condition better than his previous one of anxiety and depression as a result of alcohol abuse 20 years ago? It’s a no brainer to see that these drugs don’t help and tend to ruin people’s lives. They should be taken off the market. If you think Jimmy’s case is bad it pales when compared to the 50 cases like Jimmy’s only much, much worse in Medication Madness by Peter Breggin MD.

In a paradigm that makes sense instead of cash, exercise would be at the base of the pyramid. It is one of the only reliable and safe ways to treat depression and anxiety. The other way is through psychoanalysis. Here the doctor actually has to talk to the patient-imagine that. It takes more effort initially but it’s the real way to treat it rather than ending up like Jimmy. We really have no choice.

The following was taken from the website of Oshman & Mirisola LLP[1] in regards to the side effects of Seroquel and legal action taken.If you don’t feel like reading a shopping list of side effects and accept it when I say these drugs are bad news, just skip past the italicized section.

Not long after Seroquel was approved for use in the United States, evidence began to mount regarding the serious side effects associated with this and similar medications. Serious Seroquel side effects can include diabetes and related medical complications, increased risk of death in elderly patients with dementia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, tardive dyskinesia, and other serious adverse events. These will be discussed in detail below.

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is a potentially fatal condition that affects the central nervous system. Symptoms of NMS can include sweating, fast or abnormal heartbeat, stiff muscles, high fever, blood pressure changes, and confusion. This condition is a medical emergency, which requires immediate medical attention.

Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) is a serious movement disorder, which also requires medical attention. This serious condition is characterized by uncontrollable rhythmic movements of the face, jaw, mouth, and tongue TD-induced muscle problems can produce lip pursing, chewing movements, or protrusion of the tongue.

Diabetes Studies show that use of atypical antipsychotics like Seroquel can significantly increase a patient’s risk of weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and diabetes. In fact, Seroquel can more than TRIPLE a patient’s risk of developing diabetes. Evidence of these serious Seroquel dangers was discovered in August 2003. In response, the FDA ordered AstraZeneca to change Seroquel’s label to inform consumers about the serious risk of diabetes, but the company did not comply with this request.

Eventually, in January 2004, AstraZeneca changed Seroquel’s labeling to warn of the serious increased risk of diabetes and related health complications, such as hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis, coma, and death. Evidence shows that patients with schizophrenia are already at an increased risk of diabetes, yet use of drugs like Seroquel can increase this risk even more. Patients with risk factors for diabetes—such as obesity or family history of diabetes—should be carefully monitored for signs of Seroquel side effects. Fasting blood glucose testing should be initiated at the onset of antipsychotic treatment.

Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) is a complication of diabetes, which can be caused by Seroquel use. Symptoms of hyperglycemia can include frequent and increased hunger (polyphagia), thirst (polydipsia), and urination (polyuria). Other symptoms of hyperglycemia can include weakness, blurred vision, dry mouth, itchy skin, male impotence, and increased vulnerability to infection. Note: frequent hunger may also be a symptom of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. In some cases, hyperglycemia is resolved after terminating use of Seroquel, though in some cases diabetes treatments must be continued to treat the serious health conditions caused by Seroquel.

Death Evidence from more than seventeen clinical studies shows that Seroquel can increase the risk of death in elderly patients taking Seroquel for the treatment of dementia. These Seroquel deaths were most commonly the result of heart-related events (i.e. heart failure) or infections (i.e. pneumonia).

In April 2005, the FDA ordered AstraZeneca to add a black box warning to Seroquel labeling, informing consumers about the increased risk of Seroquel death. The FDA also emphasized at that time that Seroquel is NOT approved to treat elderly patients with dementia.

Other serious side effects Seroquel is also associated with an increased risk of low blood pressure (which can cause fainting, dizziness, lightheadedness, and/or increased heart beat), cataracts, seizures, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, abnormal body temperature, trouble swallowing, liver problems, and drug interactions. Seroquel can also impair judgment, motor skill, and cognition.

What legal action has been taken regarding Seroquel?

In 2004, soon after the discovery of diabetes-related Seroquel side effects, a Seroquel class action lawsuit was filed in the United States on behalf of all patients who had taken Seroquel. The Seroquel lawsuit sought the establishment of a medical monitoring fund, which would provide free periodic testing for diabetes and related conditions for patients taking Seroquel. Numerous other Seroquel lawsuits have been filed on behalf of individuals who have been seriously injured or killed by Seroquel side effects.

It’s a tough job eliminating Seroquel because he is also very much addicted to it-the very drug that’s killing him. I explained earlier how to wean yourself off of these drugs. I have done it successfully numerous times and as far as I know it’s the only successful approach. Again your doctor may offer a different method for eliminating an SSRI or an AAP but it’s generally misguided and may get you into trouble as I explained earlier.

Jimmy by laboratory data was deficient in both thyroid and testosterone and had every indication for a trial of transdermal T and Armour thyroid (or Cytomel plus Synthroid). To make a long story short this doctor if I dare call him that because he has no scruples violating his Hippocratic Oath of first do no harm, must have thought I was from another planet with my heretical approach of eliminating his “life saving medications.” It clearly demonstrates how far away and lost these doctors are from the truth of becoming well.

Next week you will witness how Jimmy’s FP-DIB went ballistic as if someone just tried to poison him when he finally processed several suggestions I made for Jimmy’s care which included the use of (apparently in his mind), toxic testosterone-a dangerous anabolic steroid of abuse for which there is no indication for use in Jimmy’s case! Trust me you will want to read about this dude and pray that your DIB isn’t as nuts.


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