Hey Mom, Should Gramps and I get the Flu Vaccine?

Every year millions head to their doctor, Petco or Menard’s to receive the latest flu vaccine. But before you decide to name your first daughter Vaccinia, questions should be asked first whether one should get the flu vaccine in the first place and if the flu vaccine is safe and effective? If so does it […]

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The Panic Virus Review

ENTER SETH MNOOKIN Now along comes a book entitled The Panic Virus The True Story Behind the Vaccine-Autism Controversy. It was given to my sister by her pediatrician as a way of offsetting what I’m sure he feels is a gaggle of dumb, soccer hens clucking madly about a non-issue of vaccine induced brain injury. […]

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9 Reasons to Completely Ignore Joseph Mercola My Response

sciencebasedmedicine.org First I’ll give you the article link above. Read each section by number which is clearly underlined. Then read my comments which follow in a separate paragraph in italics. So for example, below I start with number one which is an excerpt from the article in Science Based Medicine, which is followed by my […]

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