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In this five part cell phone radiation series, all taken from my upcoming book, we will explore the detrimental effects if any from cell phones and related products. In other words the effects of EMF’s on biological systems-us.

One of the things any big industry does very well is to generate bogus research projects that guarantee industry positive results, or inject controversy and doubt into any independent study that painted their products in a bad light or that threatens their profit margins somehow. More power to them if they discredit the study altogether but they do not have to go that far as long as controversy exists in that study they can easily maintain the status quo. This game was played out for decades when it came to Big Tobacco. When it comes to food processors they often take their cue from Big Tobacco.

Take high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) you’ll know that it’s metabolized differently than glucose after reading this book. Furthermore, you will also come to realize that high doses of fructose are detrimental to human health. However, all the corn industry has to do is come up with a junk-study that supports their view that fructose is perfectly safe and present it to the FDA. Or they may have their teams of well-paid scientists pick apart and debunk any new study that may have sneaked under the radar and into the headlines that had negative conclusions regarding one of their products that uses HFCS. Due to Big Agra’s largess toward the mass media their response makes headlines in all the major media outlets and for the foreseeable future everyone is back to thinking HFCS is simply ducky. After all “it’s just sugar.”

We can thank RJ Reynold’s for being such a powerful mentor to the other Big Industries. Inject doubt or publish junk that’s it, that’s all they have to do. Then anyone foolish enough to still watch commercials will “know” that HFCS (or anything else for that matter) is perfectly good for you.

Take vaccines, I saw it recently on CNN where the talking head du jour mentioned several studies claiming mercury (easily one of the most toxic materials in the periodic table) in vaccines was actually good for your child’s brain! These shenanigans occur in spite of the fact that the EPA and thousands of researchers have been warning us of mercury’s toxicity for decades. You have to give the establishment credit. I mean who would have the temerity to produce a junk study that shows a potent environmental toxin is good for you? That takes some serious hubris. I wonder what they got paid to pull that one off.

It looks like we are seeing it again only this time it’s cell phones. Do a Startpage ( Google records your IP address and all searches related to it) search: type cell phone tumor and the first 10 or more hits are from the industry explaining to anyone wishing to read that there is no link with brain tumors and cell phone usage. It took adding in Devra Davis to the search to get meaningful results without the industry spin. Devra Davis PhD author of The Secret History of the War on Cancer came out with her new book examining the industries cover-up on cell phone radiation danger in Disconnect in 2010. We’ll return to Dr Davis in a moment.

In 2011 a National Cancer Institute (NCI) study came out in their journal the JNCI with the background comment:

It has been hypothesized that children and adolescents might be more vulnerable to possible health effects from mobile phone exposure than adults. We investigated whether mobile phone use is associated with brain tumor risk among children and adolescents.

They go on to say cells phones are fine don’t worry here’s their conclusion:

The absence of an exposure–response relationship either in terms of the amount of mobile phone use or by localization of the brain tumor argues against a causal association.[1]


In another industry spin Scott Woolley of Fortune magazine writes: “the real scientific evidence on radiation-induced brain cancer indicates that (1) scientists would expect to see some sign of an impending epidemic if one were really on its way and (2) So far they don’t.”

Dr Davis remarks:[2] “official commentary on the JNCI report draws an astonishing, disturbing and deeply misleading conclusion when they deduce that children face no special risks from cell phones.”

She continues that there is a quadrupling of cell phone use in the last several years and if the latency period is ten years or more some of the studies would not show much increase if they were started in the mid-nineties where cell phones were used only by select few, less than 5% of the population, like doctors. Now close to half of all eight year olds have cell phones.

To conclude — as an editorial written by industry-associated scientists accompanying the article does — that that there is no problem with cell phone use by children, does a profound disservice to the public and ignores a positive finding. Table 5 of the JNCI report notes that those who had subscribed to a cell phone for more than four years, or had made more than 2,638 calls in their lifetimes, had three times the rate of brain cancer. Talk about a truly inconvenient truth! Given the restricted timeframe of the JNCI study, and the fact that children’s skulls and brains are thinner and more absorptive of radiation, this finding of a tripled risk in a short time period is hardly assuring — even though the authors chose to dismiss its import.

In an interview with Dr Mercola Dr Davis had this to say,

“cell phones come with a warning in the small print of each phones owner’s manual that tells you not to keep close to the abdomen in pregnant women or teenagers. The iPhone warns not to keep it in your pocket.”

(Mercola) Last year didn’t the WHO classify cells phones as a class B carcinogen?

(DD) “Last year the WHO almost unanimously concluded that cell phone radiation is a possible human carcinogen in the category as diesel engine exhaust and some pesticides and some heavy metals. We would never let a child play with heavy metals or engine exhaust yet we let them have cell phones, it makes no sense. Every study that has been able to follow cell phone users for ten years or more has found a double or greater risk of brain cancer.”



Davis goes on to say that it appears that the greatest damage is in areas of the body where there is plenty of soft tissue such as the breast or abdomen. Cell phone radiation can initiate free radical production in these soft tissues where it has been shown to affect sperm and fertility. Do not keep a cell phone on and in your pocket. Use an air tubing headset or the speaker phone. If you use it as an alarm clock put in on the floor and in the airplane mode where it is not sending and receiving messages. Never use an app that’s for babies where you put the phone under the pillow or in the crib. Our motto is practice safe phone.

Christine Hoch, Executive Director of Center for Safer Wireless, observes,

Our children are not protected by this misleading information. Wireless devices can disrupt the young nervous system. Our concerns do not simply relate to long-term risks like brain cancer, but include immediate impacts on our children’s health.[3]

From the executive summary of the Bioinitiative Working Group: A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that chronic, low-level exposure to radiofrequency (RF) from cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers and wireless connections to the internet may be harmful, particularly to children (BioInitiative Working Group, 2007; Carpenter & Sage, 2008; Hardell & Sage, 2008; Sage & Carpenter, in press; Sage & Johansson, 2007; Sage, Johansson & Sage, 2007a, b).

We need to understand more about the potential risks of exposures and what sources need to be assessed before we allow the proliferation of wireless radiofrequency sources in schools. Chronic exposure to even very low levels of radiofrequency/microwave exposure (the typical wireless environment) can lead to impaired concentration, attention and memory, retarded learning, fatigue, and adverse changes in behavior and sleep patterns (Sage & Carpenter, in press; BioInitiative Working Group, 2007).

Changes in brainwave activity are reported from even short duration exposures to cell phone radiofrequency radiation, and are associated with sleep disruption (changes in sleep architecture, particularly REM sleep) (Sage & Carpenter, in press; BioInitiative Working Group, 2007).


Cell phone radiation can also interrupt the brain’s defensive system by disabling the blood brain barrier (BBB) allowing it to leak. The BBB is one of the most elaborate and sophisticated systems in the human body. It is a specialized type of capillary that has evolved to protect the neural elements-your brain-from toxicities of all sorts while allowing nourishing molecules in and removing waste-and it has served us well. When it breaks down the capillaries become more porous to larger and more toxic molecules. At that point anything that is NOT supposed to be in the brain can gain access to it and cause severe damage, dying of neurons, or malfunction.

ticking brain bomb


A perfect example of why we have a pandemic of neurodegenerative diseases is in the following (please read sections on sunlight and excitotoxins also). One of the most common causes of BBB disruption is hypoglycemia as in the chronically dieting soccer mom. Another way is through the use of cell phones. We also know that aluminum (Al) ingestion is highly reactive in human tissues especially when absorbed sub-dermally when using sunscreen. Recall from my chapter on sunscreens that one application of certain sunscreens can deliver up to 5 grams of Al. Now add an aluminum can or two of diet soda to the newly porous BBB and you have instant excitotoxin damage via NutraSweet’s ability to over-stimulate glutamate receptors (greatly amplified by Al) within the entirety of the brain-all of the brain thanks to a leaking BBB. Keep doing this year after year and suddenly you have Alzheimer’s disease. This is just one example of the uninformed person causing severe brain damage without doing anything “unusual.”


One of the easiest ways scientists use to determine a breakdown in the BBB is to expose a lab rat to cell phone radiation, sacrifice the animal and look for albumin in the brain. Anywhere in the body that contains a semipermeable membrane such as the kidney’s main filter-the glomerulus- or brain capillaries-the BBB- we see that it is designed to contain the plasma’s major osmotic proteins such as albumin within the blood stream proper. When we consistently leak albumen (in the urine) as can happen in kidney disease we eventually swell up like a balloon with edema. That’s because albumin is NEVER supposed to leak out of the circulation and into adjacent structures. It is always a sign that a major biological insult is occurring. In other words when we see albumen in places it’s not supposed to be we should be very concerned.

That’s exactly what Dr Leif Salford noticed when he demonstrated that cell phone radiation can cause leaks in the BBB. In research published in June 2003, with lab rats a single two-hour exposure to a cell phone, just once during its lifetime, permanently damaged the blood-brain barrier and, on autopsy 50 days later, was found to have damaged or destroyed up to 2 percent of an animal’s brain cells, including cells in areas of the brain concerned with learning, memory and movement.[4] The areas of the brain concerned with learning, memory, and movement are the same areas affected when patients suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease is it not? You don’t need two hours of exposure either.

Bottom line just two minutes of cell phone exposure causes BBB leaking and two hours causes permanent brain damage.

We’ve known that microwave radiation causes leaks in the BBB for years. America’s Allan Frey, during the 1970s, was the first of many to demonstrate that low-level microwave radiation damages the blood-brain barrier. Similar mechanisms protect the eye (the blood-vitreous barrier) and the fetus (the placental barrier), and the work of Frey and others indicates that microwave radiation damages those barriers also. The implication: No pregnant woman should ever be using a cell phone.[5] There is also a blood-testes barrier that I bet is disrupted if exposed to EMF.

So far we see that industry studies generally favor good results, the cell phone industry is no exception. Despite that disadvantage we are still able to learn through independent research that cell phone radiation causes serious disturbances within the brain, the BBB. We also learned that The Environmental Working Group has pointed out that learning disabilities can be caused by WiFi and cell phones too. Dr Davis informs us to play it safe and practice Safe Phone.



[1] (J Natl Cancer Inst 2011;103:1–13)


[4] Leif G. Salford et al., “Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain After Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones,” Environmental Health Perspectives 111, no. 7 (2003): 881–883. (http://educate-yourself.org/cn/wirelessandcellphonedangers05oct07.shtml) 05/19/2012

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