Fire, where's the brimstone?

Fire, where’s the brimstone?

Elsewhere, like in the statins chapter, I mention my favorite professor Dr Stephanie Seneff a Senior Research Scientist in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT. Talk about thinking outside the Box, her work on many different subjects are some of the most compelling studies I have ever had the good luck to read. More like novellas than research papers the topics include statins, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, sunlight, heart disease and the latest, most shocking of all is the study on the new, novel form of toxicity from glyphosate the active ingredient in Roundup®. It may turn out to be the scariest bio-hazard ever to leak from the pocked rectum of the Devil’s Workshop. Without a doubt she is someone to watch and wait with baited breath for new and sometimes forbidding things to show up in print. Her research points to the need for cholesterol and vitamin D3 to accept sulfur groups in order to activate them. Without sulfur they lose much of their Kung Fu. Furthermore, sunlight is needed to initiate the cascade that sulfates these molecules. Who would have thought: Fire and Brimstone? She recommends eating sulfur containing foods as I alluded to elsewhere. Egg yolks being a particularly great source yet shunned as poison by the Elites as is sunlight. In spite of all this charming information on how healthy sulfur is it appears that not all people will benefit from this simple advice. Luckily it’s a small minority.

Certain populations like those with ulcerative colitis have special bacteria that use sulfur for metabolism to create sulfide as a by-product in the form of potentially toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. Not only does this miasma cause abdominal distention and incapacitating fetor, which will sideline the most resolute champion, but it also stinks like the Devil’s Outhouse after an all-you-can-eat raw pork curry hoedown. You won’t be the most popular dude on the block with this detestable exhaust on board but it can also cause more serious damage to intestinal mucosa in several curious ways. It appears that we either have the sulfide producers, sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), or the competing and always popular among Dubai frat houses, methane producing (the methanogenic) bacteria in abundance but not both.

If you are one that harbors these sulfate reducers then large amounts of sulfur containing foods may accelerate the formation of pathogenic strains of sulfate reducing bacteria that may in turn cause or exacerbate disease.

Sources of dietary sulfate include preservatives, dried fruits (if treated with sulfur dioxide), dehydrated vegetables, shellfish (fresh or frozen),… packaged fruit juices, baked goods,…white bread, and the majority of alcoholic beverages… It also appears probable that ingestion of foods rich in sulfur containing amino acids encourages both the growth of SRB and the production of sulfide in the large bowel…Major amounts of sulfur-containing amino acids are found in cow’s milk, cheese, eggs, meat, and cruciferous vegetables. Consumption of large amounts of these foods may significantly increase sulfide production in the colon.[1]

Studies have shown that eliminating sulfur containing foods such as milk, cheese, and eggs from the diets of patient’s with ulcerative colitis significantly reduced their symptoms suggesting that eliminating sulfur in the diet decreased the populations of these baneful bacteria which in turn decreased the colonic production of sulfide.[2]

If you have an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) you probably should avoid foods mentioned in the paragraph above. If you do not have IBD then by all means enjoy the foods that donate sulfur groups in case Dr Seneff is correct in her theory. Incidentally, many of the sulfur containing foods, the ones that activate cholesterol and vitamin D3 which in turn protect your heart such as meat, eggs, cheese and whole milk, are considered heart disease promoting by the current medical Elites. In ill fashion, kicking and screaming sometimes, they can’t seem to understand that 60 years’ worth of clinical trials still can’t demonstrate that saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for you.


Big curveballs thrown at the Paleo camp are the studies that show that too much dietary protein may be bad for you in terms of gut health. As much as 12% of your protein intake can end up in your colon rather than being digested in the small bowel. This undigested protein undergoes fermentation in the colon to produce any number of potentially toxic by products such as ammonia, amines, phenols, sulfide and indoles.[3]

Ammonia has been shown to be toxic to mucosal cells and hence a possible carcinogen. Ammonia of course, is also the little bandit that steals through colonic mucosa and into your bloodstream to create an acute, toxic delirium when suffering from chronic liver disease.

I had a patient at the VA in Phoenix, AZ. that was brought in completely out of his mind. Mr Smith (I’ll call him) had a bad liver from a long history of drinking. What he liked to do was eat a big, fat, steak every so often. However, his liver could not process the ammonia produced by digested meat. Ammonia is very toxic and once in the brain in sufficient quantities will reduce you to a gibbering mannequin, disoriented times four (person, place, time and species). We’d fix him up and he’d leave AMA, against medical advice, only to reappear toxic a few weeks later after fishing him out of the desert in his convertible Eldorado caddie completely unaware of his surroundings from eating another brontosaurus chop.

Other byproducts of a high protein diet are indoles, phenols and amines all of which have been implicated in such varied diseases as schizophrenia and migraine headache. Indoles and phenols also may act as co-carcinogens and may play a role in the causation of bladder and colorectal cancer.[4] Incidentally, phenols and creosols are some of the yummy products of direct flame char grilling which make fire roasted meats so saporous. They also paint telephone poles with this culinary co-ed as a powerful way to prevent rotting. Why limit it to painting telephone poles? This month only Menard’s is having a sale on all Mr Chumley’s BBQ sauce/deck sealant products by Monsanto. Favorites are Burger Jazz®, Texas Finger Lick’R® and BirdBoost® with methyl-methacrylate. Save an extra 5% with the new, super agreeable 25 and 50 gallon economy barrels. When the grandkids visit you can put em to work and feed em at the same time and still have some left over! Ensure that you never run out. The Devil’s Workshop: “Now That’s Convenience.”

Coming soon to Menard’s is Monsanto’s improved H1-Eat1 ImmuneBurgs® and chicken Flufingers®. Who has the time to get all of your vaccinations and eat?™ Well soccer mom’s we have the solution: introducing reformulated vaccinated hamburgers and chicken parts from China. The new way to eat healthy while you prevent the seasonal flu.

Meanwhile, what did Paleo Man do? He ate up to 150 grams of fiber per day is what he did. If you do not wish for colorectal cancer yet you insist on eating more protein than you deserve then increase your intake of soluble and insoluble fiber which lowers intestinal pH and adsorbs many carcinogens.[5] How? Add in a big, fresh organic salad festooned with lots of yellows and oranges which will help detoxify numerous carcinogens within the dank halls of your rectum. (See Everything Gives You Cancer-not published yet).


We in anesthesia eliminate three annoying syllables and call it the goose. That’s short for esophagus. Isn’t that a lot better than “eee zoe va gooze”? Well that’s how one of our anatomy professors pronounced it anyway. He was one of those silly doctors from some Eastern Block area wherever that was. Somewhere like Split-Diocletian’s old place. I will refer to it as the goose from now on.

Although we do not know how high-sugar diets slow intestinal transit time the consequence of this means prolonged exposure to potentially toxic bowel contents.[6] Also high-sugar diets promote the production of bile. Potentially pathogenic bacteria that thrive on bile for food can gain an upper hand and lead to various disease states. One of the most common ailments in the U.S., GERD is caused by and potentiated by sugars and starches.

Next week GERD and The Feedlot Fourteen!

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