SCALDING CRITIQUE OF THE FDA. (Part 2 of the GMO story).

The editor of the prestigious journal Lancet said, “It is astounding that the US Food and Drug Administration has not changed their stance on genetically modified food adopted in 1992. . . . The policy is that genetically modified crops will receive the same consideration for potential health risks as any other new crop plant. This stance is taken despite good reasons to believe that specific risks may exist. . . . Governments should never have allowed these products into the food chain without insisting on rigorous testing for effects on health.” [Emphasis mine].


Nothing new here as far as industry funded research that favors the funders. We’ve seen it with Big Pharma where positive results are at least five times more likely if the drug’s manufacturer funds the study. Some studies are almost universally positive as we’ve seen with the SSRI’s. With cancer drugs it’s eight times more favorable. Compared to Big Pharma Big Bio has a much greater potential for industry manipulation in GM crop studies. GM research has no standardized procedures dictated by regulators, studies are generally not published in peer reviewed journals, and are typically kept secrete by both government and industry. Company evidence usually goes unchallenged because of poorly funded independent research the only ones capable of challenging their conclusions.


In response to how we can allow such sloppy, third-world science to pass as quality when investigating GM foods Dr Suzanne Wuerthele a PhD toxicologist working for the EPA said,

“This technology is being promoted, in the face of concerns by respectable scientists and in the face of data to the contrary, by the very agencies which are supposed to be protecting human health and the environment. The bottom line in my view is that we are confronted with the most powerful technology the world has ever known, and it is being rapidly deployed with almost no thought whatsoever to its consequences.” [Emphasis mine].

In the critical arena of food safety research, the biotech industry is without accountability, standards, or peer‐review. They’ve got bad science down to a science.

Remember the Institute of Medicine’s lock step answer on vaccines that was exactly “what Walter wants,” from the CDC? The IM made sure that nobody knew there was a connection with vaccines and autism. The IM is a branch of the National Academy of Sciences.

Not only that but these political bodies ignore the few good quality animal studies that show serious harm occurring to those animals fed GM corn or soy. Bottom line: we are in a grand experiment the results of which have yet to be determined.


A study was just published from a French research team which I will give top billing since it is one of only a handful of long-term studies. As I already suspected the results are nothing less than shocking.

Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize. (Food and Chemical Toxicology, Séralini G.E. et al. 2012).

Professor Gilles-Eric-Seralini Main author of study.

The research was led by molecular biologist and endocrinologist, Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, co-director of the Risk Quality and Sustainable Environment Unit at the University of Caen, France.

Supported by the independent research organization, CRIIGEN. [Additional studies and other important materials can be found at the CRIIGEN site: (

Traditionally to get a new food approved Big Bio must do a 90 day feeding study. Note that in this new study no lesions were found until after 4 months, 120 days, which appears to be a threshold time period required for these novel poisons to manifest their systemic disease causing processes. Even so most tumors did not become evident until much later at 18 months emphasizing the point that three month safety studies are pretty much worthless and that there does indeed seem to be very serious long-term consequences from exposure to GMO corn and its sidekick Roundup.


Roundup Ready Rats

Figure 1 Female GMO/Roundup fed rats, (also the cutest rats ever).

Side Note: This new study could not have happened at a better time. Its publication landed right before California voters went to the booths to vote for mandatory GMO labeling in November 2012. In spite of that and 42 million dollars spent by Big Agra on lying to Californians the measure lost. By the way outside the U.S., the entire European Union and other countries such as Australia, China, Japan, and Russia for a total of over 40 countries require GMO labeling.[1] But not here where over 50% of the world’s GMO’s are consumed. Why should it be so difficult to get a little truth in labeling? Now back to our regularly scheduled rant.

From CRIIGEN: The results, which are of serious concern, included increased and more rapid mortality, coupled with hormonal and sex related effects. Females developed significant and numerous mammary tumors, pituitary and kidney problems. Males died mostly from severe, chronic, hepatorenal deficiencies. Professor Seralini’s team in the University of Caen published this detailed study in one of the leading scientific international peer-reviewed journals: Food and Chemical Toxicology, online on Sept. 19, 2012.

The implications are extremely serious. They demonstrate the toxicity, both of a GMO with the most widely spread transgenic character and of the most widely used herbicide, even when ingested at extremely low levels, (corresponding to those found in surface or tap water). In addition, these results call into question the adequacy of the current regulatory process, used throughout the world by agencies involved in the assessment of health, food and chemicals, and industries seeking commercialization of products.

In view of these findings, the authors of this study suggest that market authorizations for these products should be immediately reviewed. The 90 day test duration should be extended to 2 years for agricultural GMOs. In addition, all pesticides should be tested in their formulations (not the active principle alone) for 2 years, including at very low levels. Furthermore, in future the regulatory testing process for biotech and pesticide products should be transparent, open to public scrutiny, subject to independent review and performed independently of their firms in the future.

In the meantime, labeling of all GMOs in the feed/food should be mandatory, including livestock products from animals that have been fed GMO’s. Finally, the nature of all compounds present in pesticide formulations should be made public.[2] [Emphasis mine].

Some of the details that I think are very serious:

* It found that the NK603 GM maize, the corn used in the experiment, and Roundup, the pesticide Monsanto makes farmers use when purchasing GMO corn seeds, both caused similar damage to the rats’ health, whether they were used separately or together. This observation alone is remarkable. It states that GM maize produces the same lesions in rats as does the pesticide Roundup.

1. Researchers identified a “threshold effect” where even the lowest doses of both maize and Roundup (glyphosate) were associated with severe health problems. “This corresponds to levels likely to arise from consumption or environmental exposure, such as either 11% GM maize in food, or 50ng/L of glyphosate in R-formulation [the lowest concentration of Roundup in the rats’ drinking water] as can be found in some contaminated drinking water, and which falls within authorized limits. The results of the study presented here clearly demonstrate that lower levels of complete agricultural glyphosate herbicide formulations, at concentrations well below officially set safety limits, induce severe hormone-dependent mammary, hepatic [liver] and kidney disturbances.”

2. The study’s authors also commented that overexpression of the GM “transgene” EPSPS, which makes NK603 tolerant to Roundup in the field, may disrupt biosynthetic pathways and cause similar problems. Most edible GM crops use EPSPS to make them tolerant to Roundup. Translated this means that eating GM maize and by inference all edible GM crops that use the same technology may be extraordinarily toxic to humans in a fashion similar to long-term Roundup pesticide consumption.

3. Up to 50% of males and 70% of females died prematurely, before deaths could be put down to normal ageing, compared with only 30% and 20% in the control group.

4. Females developed breast tumors and pituitary disease. Males developed liver, kidney, skin, and GI disease.

5. The severe health outcomes only started to appear after the first 90 days. You will recall that all prior research projects were based on a 90 day testing period.

6. By the 24th month, 50% – 80% of the females had developed large tumors, of which 93% were mammary [breast], compared to 30% in the control group. [Emphasis mine].

That translates as breast cancer, not simple, benign mammary tumors.

Of course, the study’s scientific merit was immediately brought into question by the forces we know all too well. By design the Devil’s Workshop and others of their ilk set their scientists onto any new study to find fault. If these paid assassins can invent a controversial item within the study, a flaw, or better yet debunk it outright, the Devil’s Workshop can let the dust settle, chalk up another win and go back to creating new and more dangerous foods to hurt us with.

This was the first long-term study since Dr. Arpad Pusztai completed his analysis of GM potatoes in 1998 which cost him his job in typical mafia style strong arming designed to intimidate future scientists from trying to tell the truth. In 1995 Dr. Pusztai began research on GM potatoes. In 1998 with the data of the now completed study Arpad Pusztai said in an interview on national television that his group had observed damage to the intestines and immune systems of rats fed the genetically modified potatoes. He quipped: “If I had the choice I would certainly not eat it”, and that “I find it’s very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs”.[3]


Referred to as a hero his director initially praised Pusztai’s work but within 48 hours and after supposedly a call from the prime minister himself, the coward suspended Arpad from his job.

Consider Dr. Pusztai, the world’s leading scientist in his field, was fired after 35 years and silenced with threats of a lawsuit. False statements were circulated to trash his reputation, which are recited by GMO advocates today.

That not being sufficient his boss stole his raw data and distributed it to other scientists for critique, dismantling and discrediting his work. After being fired he moved back to Hungary his home country. Pusztai was later vindicated when he published his findings in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet in 1999. In Smiths’ book Pusztai’s saga is but one in a list of gangland style tactics that The Devil’s Workshop and other Big Bio companies feel comfortable doing to anyone who dares interfere with their agenda of poisoning the entire world’s food supply. This includes wholesale discrediting of the publishing scientist, drying up funding channels, or getting demoted or fired. Sound familiar? It should Big Pharma has an entire college of crooks perfecting the technique of debunk, discredit, discontinue (funding) and discharge (from your job) which creates a new acronym based on the 4D meat your kid eats at school. For your enjoyment the 4D Downer Doctor: Debunk, Discredit, Discontinue, Discharge. I don’t know but I was thinking of adding Dead to the list-who knows what they are capable of.

Take note of this. We have the world’s best scientist getting canned from his job all because he perhaps naively told the TRUTH about his research findings. If this can happen to one of the most respected scientists in the UK and a world authority on GMO’s imagine what they can do when you really piss them off.

From Genetic Roulette Smith lists some of the most common misconceptions:

1. GMO’s are safe. Actually this has never been proven since up until now there have been almost no long-term studies done to asses safety. Around 1992 Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s former hit-man attorney and later its vice president was in charge of the FDA with orders from El Presidente to push through GMO technology. The FDA’s commissioner being an open throttled opportunist was fully aware of the possible dangers but ignored them for self-serving reasons. Scores of FDA bench scientists had issued a letter of warning back in 1992 when policy was being formulated indicating that there may indeed be very serious health concerns regarding the consumption of GMO’s. This was buried until 1999 when it and many other scathing documents became public in a lawsuit. Of course, nothing changed. What it comes down to is this: the current policy is that all GMO’s are assumed safe without any proof whatsoever and industry studies (that’s read Junk Science) verifying safety for 90 days is all that’s needed to push through a new nightmare. Amazing really you do not have to have any long-term feeding studies to prove safety. Data base searches for safety studies on GMO’s reveal only a tiny amount of research something around 20 worthwhile studies. As usual the industry funded projects-the junk science stuff- never finds anything wrong and the privately funded projects generally show health risks. Nothing new here just another revolving door in a sea of corruption where every greedy opportunist is handsomely paid to look the other way even though his children will eventually be poisoned. Who woulda thunk?

2. GMO’s are natural extensions of traditional breeding practices that have been around for centuries. Scientists emphatically dismiss this argument as a smoke screen to divert attention from the enormous difference between breeding and GM. Look at it this way can a pig mate with a tomato? Of course it can.

3. GMO’s will feed the world’s hungry.  This is my addition taken from other sources. Virtually all of the claims of benefit of GM crops – increased yields, more food production, controlled pests and weeds, reductions in chemical use in agriculture, drought-tolerant seeds – have not materialized. It turns out that GMO crops like Roundup Ready cotton need more of the pesticide Roundup, not less, and do not do as well as traditional cotton in more arid conditions. The tragedy in India is a good example where thousands of Indian farmers in debt to The Devil’s Workshop from purchasing expensive seeds and barrels of Roundup, committed suicide after the failure of their supposedly superior cotton crops to thrive. After harvest the leaves and stems are typically fed to their cows. This time the Roundup Ready stems killed many of their cows which also helped to bankrupt them. Opps! There apparently was one handy feature from the Roundup that was left unused: it made for an efficient if not grisly suicide drug. Mass suicides that make Jonestown look like a bake sale did indeed occur and are still occurring as The Devil’s Workshop continues to use these poor people for their diabolical dealings.

From Ron Cummins Director of Organic Consumers Association and Organic Consumers Fund:

1. GMOs have never been proven safe. The FDA conducts no independent testing of GMOs, but instead claims that they are “not substantially different” from non-GMO foods.

2. The biotech industry is not required to conduct long-term safety studies on GMOs, and it keeps researchers from conducting those tests by claiming the right to protect its patented seeds and technologies.

3. GMOs are everywhere. Today, most non-organic US corn, soy, cotton [canola] and sugar beets – which are used in most of the sweeteners and additives used by food processors – are genetically engineered. So is the feed fed to the animals you eat. In fact, 75 – 85% of the processed food in your grocery store contains unlabeled GMOs.

4. The companies who want you to believe GMOs are safe are the same ones who lied to you about Agent Orange and DDT. [In fact, the Devil’s Workshop has a decade’s long history of lying about the safety of their chemicals. Even poisoning an entire town in the Deep South to the point where the inhabitants were evacuated against their will while being lied to about the ill effects of their work.]

5. GE crops are responsible for super weeds and super bugs, soil degradation, and lack of diversity – which makes crops and humans more susceptible to disease.

6. The only folks who don’t want you to know what’s in your food are huge corporations like Monsanto, Dow AgriScience, BASF and food conglomerates like Pepsi and Coca-Cola – who along with other biotech, pesticide and processed food manufacturers have donated nearly $43 million to defeat Prop 37. [In reference to the mandatory GMO labeling law defeated in California last November 2012].

7. This is our best – and perhaps only – shot at labeling GMOs Nineteen other states have tried – and failed – to get a GMO labeling law through the state legislative process. Prop 37 took GMO labeling direct to the voters so Monsanto’s lobbyists couldn’t kill it first.

Note that currently as of 2012 any child in the US who eats Industrial Dinners on a regular basis consumes at least 10 percent GE ingredients. However the actual percentage may likely to be FAR higher than that. According to a shocking report released by the Environmental Working Groupon October 15, Americans are eating their weight and more in genetically engineered food every year—an average of 193 pounds of GE foods annually![4]


In a wonderful show of courage the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) went public with a warning to all physicians and patients alike to avoid GM foods. In the following pages I will provide some of the highlights of this document. They start with a list of diseases seen in animal studies:

  • Infertility
  •  Immune problems
  •  Accelerated aging
  •  Faulty insulin regulation
  •  Changes in the major organs
  •  Alterations in the GI system

They go on to question why the FDA is not protecting us. They mention that the 1992 FDA policy stated there was no information showing GM foods to be substantially different. However, the lawsuit mentioned earlier revealed thousands of internal memos telling just the opposite as FDA scientists warned of possible allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional deficiencies; they urged long-term safety studies.

That was with the whole Michael Taylor, he’s not so bad he just likes money, guy. Oh by the way lil’ Mikey Taylor is now the US Food Safety Czar. WTF, food safety? Really? I’m too disgusted to talk. Those folks in Washington must be laughing it up. It seems that no matter how outrageous their appointments are nobody ever seems to care.


It’s Just Corn for Pete’s Sake!

Chris R.

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