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This table contains standard American foods but technically are very different from real foods.



Nothing points out the absurd nature of our modern diet more than by simply listing each category by percentage. Before I get to my pyramid, (the Rasmussen Food Pyramid-not as cool as the Great Pyramid but better for you. In a future blog), in detail let’s review the SAD.

ü  24% of calories come from cereals

ü  11% from processed dairy

ü  18% from refined sugars

ü  18% from cheap, refined seed oils.

These foods make up 71% of the total calories consumed per day.[1] Yet none of these are “real” foods. I mean in the sense that they are all “new” to our genes and because they are highly processed. Industrial Dinners, the term I have given all processed fare, often contain many of these foods in one form or another. Stop and think about this for a minute. Nearly three quarters of our daily calories are in an Industrial Dinner form. Ancestral man would have gagged on all of these foods and so should you. There is no place for virtually any of them save for a little cream and a cube of shigger in your coffee. Add some cheese from grass fed cows while you’re at it. You can add raw milk if you wish to deal with the new sheriff in town: Big Agra Swat. I’ll bet your granddaddy never saw that one coming. In a future blog I’ll explain to why these foods are not just bad but are killing us off in droves. It’s all from…..of course, inflammation. Let’s review how our precision evolved genes got slapped around.


Remember our genes have been finely tuned toward a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. That was the way things were from 2.5 million years to the dawn of agriculture about 10,000 years ago. The transition from meat eating and consuming the widely diverse foods of the Paleolithic Period to agriculture caused numerous health consequences (another blog, another day). Call it the Little Agra Age.

The Little Agra Age was gene shock number one.

We had our next upheaval or “revolution” about 250 years ago with the dawn of the Industrial Age. The Industrial Age brought us things like highly refined flour and sugar.

Industrial Age, gene shock number two.

Most recently, in the last 60 years give or take, we have the creation of what I call the Industrial Diner. Not dinner silly, try to keep them straight. The Industrial Diner is the first world’s new breed of human, a product of relentless Junk Food TV campaigning aimed at consumption of everything the way a virus consumes its host. A very high percentage of the fallout comes from the promise of better living through chemistry and for greater convenience. The Industrial Diner is bombarded with highly processed Industrial Dinners (food), chemically altered municipal water, polluted air, and the reliance on synthetic chemicals in all areas of life including medicines.

The Industrial Diner also serves as a metaphor for the modern corporate control over what is presented to us for consumption be it chain restaurants, Big Boxes or drug stores. Like the bullet-shaped diners of the 1940’s aglow with neon, the menu has a list of toxic chemicals for us to eat, sleep on, smear on and live in. The most important section offers us new, heavily processed, junk we mistakenly call food. You know, the kind of food that never decomposes when left alone-forever? The difference from the Industrial Age to our current predicament is huge as far as our health is concerned. It is so vast of a change that it’s like comparing the differences in climate and fauna between the last Ice age and the current age we live in. This period is one that may ultimately be our downfall. It has taken on a life of its own and is clearly out of control health wise. We can lump these all together as a manifestation of the,

Big Agra Big Pharma, Big Everything Age, gene shock number three.

Don’t forget stress is best served reduced, in a reduction sauce if you will. No matter how it’s served it’s never good. Any first world country is a stressful place. It’s the price we pay for technology and convenience.

The Age of Stress, Gene shock number four.

How are we to adapt to this foreign world when we have been genetically programmed to live and eat in a completely different sphere? Unfortunately things are changing far too fast in evolutionary terms for us to adapt to these new foods and pollutants. The pandemics of the “Diseases of Civilization” are the result. I have isolated three main areas where these diseases get their start. At the core of this sad story are, (Mexican funeral music please?):

The Three Amigos of inflammation: adipocytal (belly fat cells which produce inflammation), microglial (brain immune cells which when injured cause neurodegeneration) and endothelial (tiny cells lining our arteries that when injured cause atherosclerosis and other diseases).

Much of our Amigo’s come from chronic, high, fasting insulin levels, neurodegenerative substances in foods and medicines, and the proliferation of hormonally active fat cells due to Industrial Dinner consumption and deconditioning. Lest we forget the biggest inflammatory Amigo: endothelial inflammation, the kind that ruins lives and creates widows 24/7. But the Amigos are a shifty lot, their retribution is vast, they run much deeper than you could ever imagine. They are, to summarize from Dr Boyd Eaton’s groundbreaking book, The Paleolithic Prescription: atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, chronic obstructive lung disease, many common cancers, osteoporosis, hearing loss, dental caries, alcohol related diseases, diverticulosis and obesity. Or we could say diabesity since diabetes is so often associated with obesity, and the hypometabolic syndrome.

The definition of hypometabolic syndrome, a term I coined, is metabolic syndrome AND hypothyroidism together. In my chapter on bioidentical hormones I explain that we often find subclinical hypothyroidism hidden within the metabolic syndrome. That is, if you know how to look for it. The standard screen for low thyroid output, the TSH assay, is the least accurate for detecting most hypothyroid patients until they become profoundly hypothyroid. By the time that happens my Husky, Kizzy, could make the diagnosis. There are now 80 million people with metabolic syndrome and growing. How many have hypometabolic syndrome is anyone’s guess but currently we have over 200 million people drinking fluoridated water with a high enough fluoride concentration to clinically cause hypothyroidism in most municipalities. You do the math. There are at least another 75 diseases we could add to this body count including the Gang of Three neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD), and ALS; add in autism, autoimmunity, and more.

The diseases listed above are not found in any modern Stone Age peoples left in the world. By examination of remains, inference, and deduction from archeological digs, they are not found in any ancient, pre-agricultural ancestor. Even our agrarian ancestors like the Ancient Egyptians: shortened, fat and micronutrient deficient, didn’t have nearly the percentage of “new diseases” we have now. They started suffering from the nutritional problems of monocultured plants that I mentioned earlier (in my book) and the other factors inherent in eating grains but that was about it. Our problems stem from the more recent changes in technology from about 250 years ago to the present.


That’s what I was told to do before crossing a train track so as to prevent pancake-ification. Look, something’s wrong here folks, something big and very recent! What are the causes of the Gang of Three neurodegenerative diseases (plus autism)? Are they due to pesticides, the aluminum and mercury in vaccines, Industrial Dinners and the SAD, prions, environmental toxicities, or genetics? This is an urgent call. Before we all get flattened we’ll need to clean up our acts now. If you follow my recommendations, everything in the book, I believe you will not succumb to these diseases.

Take autism and Alzheimer’s disease as 2 examples. If we look at the prevalence (the number of cases per 100,000) of autism or AD at the turn of the century it was zero. It makes me dizzy with fear to see how they have grown. Today, the incidence (new cases per year) of autism has climbed to 1 in 50, according to CDC statistics. AD will strike half of those who live to be 85 and the incidence is rapidly climbing.

An article I just read provides a few things to think about regarding our neurodegenerative nightmare. I cover these in depth along with many other possibilities in my book. The below listing was for autism and ASD but I know that these factors apply more broadly to include the Gang of Three and most neurodegeneration in general.

  • Gut dysbiosis in combination with vaccines and their additives like mercury (thimerosal), aluminum, and others, which are known to damage your mitochondria—the powerhouses in your body’s cells that produce energy
  • Microbial toxins, such as mold
  • Dietary factors (including genetically engineered foods, agricultural chemicals, food additives, and food processing techniques—all of which destroy gut flora that is critical for normal development and brain function, and contribute to nutritional deficiencies)
  • Vitamin D deficiency. The link between vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women and the proportionate jump in autism has been highlighted by Dr. John Cannell. Vitamin D receptors appear in a wide variety of brain tissue early in the fetal development, and activated vitamin D receptors increase nerve growth in your brain.
  • I believe vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy is a MAJOR contributing factor to autism, especially when you consider that vitamin D also helps in the detoxification of mercury. Without sufficient amounts of vitamin D, any subsequent toxic assaults—regardless of the source—will be further magnified
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phones, cell towers, and Wi-Fi devices, which can trap heavy metals inside of nerve cells, accelerate heavy metal toxicity, and hinder natural detoxification processes.[2]

Gut Dysbiosis: keep in mind one of the possible biggest causes of dysbiosis is from the consumption of Roundup in conventional foodstuffs. In particular Roundup Ready GMO products like corn which contains massive amounts of this popular pesticide.

Dietary Factors: Industrial Dinners, need I say more? Sure, I’ll say more. Never at a loss for words, add to the above comment that many Industrial Dinners contain fluoride, aluminum and excitotoxins. One of the very worst foods that you can eat is the healthy and nutritious “health food favorite” the soybean. Soy is actually one of the worst foods you can possibly eat. It is rich in both aluminum and fluoride and natural excitotoxins plus it’s GMO unless organic. The number one sources for aluminum are soy products. Soy naturally has very high aluminum levels along with high glutamate levels which act as an excitotoxin. Not only that but soy also has high manganese and fluoride levels both are known neurotoxins.[3] You get four potent brain- busting compounds in one health food-not bad. If your soy product is conventional then it will also be drenched in Roundup. Another potent perpetuator of pestilence is American cheese.

Vitamin D deficiency: this is a big one. I have read much of Dr Cannell’s work and I think he’s on to something. Also consider when the vitamin D deficient Mom gets her, never proven safe or effective for pregnant women, flu vaccine (or any other vaccine) like a good Big Pharma consumer. Dr Russell Blaylock author of the immensely popular book Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills, predicts an entire generation of schizophrenics and autistics from this common practice.

Lastly, consider EMF from your friendly neighborhood distraction device, err phone. We already know that just a wee two minutes on your favorite device secured to your ear will completely disrupt your blood brain barrier (BBB). Yes, Timmy, the BBB was designed (through evolution) to protect our brain from toxicity. You see, the brain is just far too vulnerable to all sorts of insults so it needs a special envelope for protection from things you might accidentally eat that are toxic. With a quick chat on your phone 2 million years of evolution goes down the toilet. Then all of that fun stuff gets to ride ragged on your brain’s cells and activate special immune cells called microglia. It’s called neuroimmunoexcitotoxicity especially when you synergize it with the aluminum and mercury from a flu shot and a dash of Roundup. Other chemicals that you might eat and drink like aspartame sneak their way through your capillaries and into your vulnerable brain cells. Aspartame is not just a potent carcinogen but it is also an excitotoxin capable of causing significant brain damage ultimately leading to neurodegeneration.

That’s if you DISRUPT IT with your phone held to your ear. Use the speaker or an air tubing device to protect your brain. For an in depth discussion on EMF see my blog series already posted at

[1] Barry Sears PhD. Toxic Fat. Thomas Nelson Dallas 2008. p. 43.

[3] Russell Blaylock, MD. The Blaylock Wellness Report. Nov. 2010 Vol 7, No. 11. p.5

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  1. Oh dear. In tiny nit-picking mode whilst reading your Vit.D para, and influenced as I am by David Healy’s PHARMAGEDDON (which I earnestly recommend to you), I wd argue that it is purely the Medics who are the actual Pharma consumers, NOT the grievously misinformed general public.
    I like your writing style, however, and shall probably buy your book. Meanwhile, love and cuddles to Kizzy.

    • Christopher Rasmussen MD, MS (aka "Reality Renegade") says:

      Hello Moyra,
      I’ve heard of the book but have not yet read it. It’s going on my wish list. Thank you.

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