Sunlight exposure makes you happy and helps you sleep

Sunlight exposure makes you happy and helps you sleep. It boosts morale and extinguishes depression, relieves aches and pains, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory, cures and prevents diseases, skyrockets your libido, burns calories, calms the Shen (loosely put-mind), gives you energy,


Now that’s sunlight I’m referring to not vitamin D3-it’s something else altogether. You heard it here first and mark my words there is another something or some things responsible for all of these wonderful effects. Furthermore, sun exposure causes a big squirt of luteinizing hormone (LH) from your anterior pituitary gland. LH in males anyway, stimulates the Leydig cells within the testes to produce more testosterone (T). So sunlight increases a man’s T levels significantly. That’s one more reason why it makes one feel so good. I wouldn’t be surprised if a secondary pathway through the adrenal cortex is activated in women producing similar results. It’s well known that small sub cutaneous injections of HCG produce a feeling of well being in some women. HCG looks very similar to LH and acts at the same receptors in the gonads, hypothalamus and pituitary.

 If you insist on slobbering a pool of sunblock on your skin you will in effect block the manufacture of all of these important substances. Sunblocks for the most part can also cause cancer because some of the photon absorbing chemicals in sunblocks happen to be very potent free radical generators of their own and therefore have high carcinogenic potential. Moreover, by decreasing serum levels of one of your main cancer fighting hormones: vitamin D3-you expose yourself to a much higher risk of hypovitaminosis D and all of the cancers, and medical diseases it helps to prevent. Many sunscreens are also potent endocrine disruptors and will interfere with your sex hormones providing too much estrogen-like activity in women and feminizing men.


 It’s beyond the scope of this book to provide details of all the essential vitamins, trace minerals and other nutrients that are essential for wellness. There are already books available that address that issue as well. However, I do wish to go into some detail on vitamin D or more correctly colecalciferol (calcidiol) since it appears to be in a class by itself.

 The proper blood test is for one specific form only: the 25(OH)D level. Since the vitamin D3 test is now the most commonly ordered lab in the country there should be no confusion on which is the appropriate test but double check just to be sure. The above one can also be called the 25(OH)D3 level. The supplement should be in the form of calcidiol or colecalciferol; this is the same form your body makes when exposed to sunlight, no other forms of vitamin D such as calcitriol or vitamin D2 (by prescription only) should ever be used in treating vitamin D insufficiency since they are dangerous and ineffective.

 This is a good time to remind you that in order to prevent cancers you need a vitamin D3 (I’ll use Vitamin D3 and D interchangeably) level that’s higher than any other disease prevention level. For a potent anticancer effects some are suggesting a level between 80-100 ng/ml accomplished by whatever dose is needed. I’ll level with you here-I have spent considerable time in trying to hunt down the author of the higher numbers. Like pet parrots the first twenty, no fourty hits I read all mime the anti-cancer levels of up to <100 ng/ml and not one article put a proper footnote as to the source. This, to me, is very important since it’s a higher number than most are willing to accede to. I believe it comes from Holick MF. Calcium and Vitamin D. Diagnostics and Therapeutics. Clin Lab Med. 2000 Sep;20(3):569-90) but sadly I am not going to pay $35 to read it. Secondly, this serves as a reminder to you the astute reader to never just believe something because it’s in written form. Those first 20-30 internet sites are a joke. Not one had an original thought. Each was more than willing to simply replay what they heard or read somewhere else without a single fact check among them. This to me is shameful and a good reason to stick to those you trust and not to be swayed easily when you come across new information.

 Another of my pet peeves; why isn’t the entire article available to anyone who wishes to read it? After all we aren’t talking about a novel here are we? The abstracts often provide the authors opinions as to what the data show and not necessarily the actual conclusions. Isn’t Pub Med government sourced? Aren’t we already paying for it? Why do you have to be on the faculty of Harvard or some other university to gain access to these research papers? It’s quite a scam.

 Back to the issues at hand we see that vitamin D is a powerful anti-cancer hormone. It increases the programmed self-destruction of mutated cells (which, if allowed to replicate, could lead to cancer), reduces the spread and reproduction of cancer cells, causes cells to become differentiated (cancer cells usually lack differentiation) and reduces the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones, which is a step in the transition of dormant tumors turning cancerous.[1]


 Briefly vitamin D has a fundamental role in regulating the genome, in the multiplication of cells, and in the physiology of at least half a dozen organ systems; it also helps mobilize and absorb calcium (along with its numerous other functions). Always be sure to take a vitamin K supplement with vitamin D3 provided you are not on Coumadin or other blood thinners. Vitamin K tells the body where to deposit the calcium; without adequate vitamin K it has been suggested that calcium may start to deposit onto heart valves and in coronary arteries. Vitamin K in the form of MK7 at 200 ug (micrograms) should do it. Again life Extension Foundation makes an excellent product.

 As Dr. Oliver Gillie tells us in his lecture Sunlight robbery: Vitamin D and public health –Is current UK public health policy on vitamin D fit for purpose?:

…But I have been astounded, as this field has grown, to see how many more diseases have been drawn into the net until it seems that vitamin D is an important risk factor not only in many common chronic diseases but perhaps even in most. During the last decade this classic picture has been found to be only a small part of the story. Ground-breaking laboratory studies have shown that the active hormone form of vitamin D interacts with receptors in more than 30 tissues and organs of the body and influences the action of some 1000 or more genes. By these means vitamin D controls not only calcium homeostasis but another five physiological systems: the immune system, pancreas beta cells, heart and blood vessels, muscle development and strength, and brain development. In addition vitamin D has direct effects on cell activity. It facilitates cell differentiation and apoptosis, that is, it regulates cell death. Together with calcium it has a profound effect on cellular adhesion and initiation of cancer. Insufficient vitamin D causes various different kinds of failure in these six physiological systems, apart from effects on bone health and initiation of cancer. Insufficient vitamin D is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and infections. We also have strong evidence that vitamin D is a risk factor for multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, type 1 diabetes and psoriasis. There are many other immune system diseases and vitamin D is probably a factor in many of them as well as playing an important role in resistance to disease including tuberculosis, colds and flu.[2]

 We now know for example that colorectal cancer is associated with sunlight exposure due to the research efforts of the Garland brothers in the 70’s who demonstrated that the greatest deaths rates from this cancer concentrated in the North East where it is also the cloudiest region in the US.

 Regrettably the message was lost on the medical profession which didn’t recognize the simple association that lack of sunlight is correlated with this cancer in favor of the low fiber hypothesis. It took 25 more years to re-discover this truth and untold thousands of deaths.

 Ovarian cancer is now found to follow the same geographic pattern along with 14 other cancers. This finding alone should convince you of the importance of sunlight exposure as often as possible during the tanning months and supplementation using tanning beds and or vitamin D capsules during the Vitamin D Winter as it is called; starting in approximately late September through mid-April, where, due to the earth’s angle, UVB particles do not enter the atmosphere and so cannot generate vitamin D in humans or other animals. This holds for any latitude north of the 37th parallel.

 Dr Gillie explains to us that for years mutation was thought to be the initial event in the origin of a tumor. The Garland’s research team now suggests that due to low vitamin D levels in the blood along with a shortage of calcium the initial event is cell proliferation not mutation. It appears that low concentrations of vitamin D allow for the unregulated proliferation of cells which is an important factor allowing mutations to become established and accumulate to establish a malignant cell line and eventually a tumor. This type of unbridled proliferation of cells may be the key event in tumor genesis more important even than mutagenesis.

 This is the sort of research that I love. Here we find that more than likely many cancers are at least in part due to a simple lack of a vital nutrient-a nutrient dependent on the sun. The out of Africa theory of human evolution has been universally accepted and with that the key features of how we were able to migrate north to lands virtually devoid of life-giving sunlight through the adaptation of lighter skin. It is orders of magnitude more efficient for lighter skin to make vitamin D3 from sunlight than darker skin. So this precious hormone was able to nourish us to much greater latitudes than ever before possible. Equatorial sunlight was as important to our early African ancestors as food was. It’s even more important to modern people because so many live in northern climates and smoggy cities. Another one of those Mother Nature deals death blow to establishment scientists who always think they are smarter.

 I say this because the Garland’s were maverick scientists beholden to no special interests; the association between colon cancer and low vitamin D (in northern climates) was terribly radical. It bucked the accepted paradigm of low fiber causing colorectal cancer-a theory established by a pre-eminent physician. Sadly, Frank Garland passed away in 2010-not from colon cancer.

Next week I’ll talk about the 11 deadly cancers that vitamin D helps to prevent, a few powerful anti-inflammatory substances and an apple a day! Later Gator.


[2] Sunlight Robbery: Vitamin D and public health-is current UK public health policy on vitamin D fit for purpose? p.2-3. Numerous studies cited. See original paper for references.

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