We Are What We Eat – Dead, Rotten, Rendered Animals

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Or render therefore to pellets the things that are Cows. We are what we eat, dead, rotten, rendered animals. It all starts with the most secret, scary and sequestered industry in America the rendering business. We’re all kept in the dark about this strange world for very good reasons it turns out. Render means “to process as for industrial use: to render livestock carcasses and to extract oil from fat, blubber, etc. by melting.” So they melt cows-good lord.


Ahh, if it were only livestock. Indeed we have a veritable smorgasbord of dead, wormy, rotten carcasses from across the US. In fact, all roads lead to the renderer. Let’s look at a few.

Did you ever wonder what happens to a 2,000 pound rhino when it finally dies of boredom at the city zoo? Or what happens to all of those poor dogs and cats euthanized at the pound? What about the thousands of pounds of unsold beef, chicken, or pork now decaying in the back of the supermarket? All of these sources including putrid road kill skunks, rats, and raccoons found on U.S. highways; as well as heavy metals from pet and cattle ID tags, surgical pins, needles, plastic and Styrofoam, plastic insecticide patches, green plastic bags containing dead pets from veterinarians, and more[1] will be picked up by your local rendering guy in what looks like an ice cream truck and taken back to the bat cave for some amazing industrial processing. Because they don’t strip euthanized animals of flea collars and pet ID tags before rendering, we’re also indirectly eating ground up metal and chemicals as well.[2]

The slaughterhouses where cattle, pigs, goats, calves, sheep, poultry, and rabbits meet their fate, provide more fuel for rendering. After slaughter, heads, feet, skin, toenails, hair, feathers, carpal and tarsal joints, and mammary glands are removed. This material is sent to rendering. Animals who have died on their way to slaughter are rendered. Cancerous tissue or tumors and worm-infested organs are rendered. Injection sites, blood clots, bone splinters, or extraneous matter are rendered. Contaminated blood is rendered. Stomach and bowels are rendered. Get the picture?

Take note the pentobarbital that animals are euthanized with survives the rendering process. Therefore your pet, a feedlot cow, or you (indirectly) could be eating high levels of an active barbiturate. The burger you ate came from an animal that has been concentrating these and other drugs. Fattened cattle receive hormone pellets injected in their ear containing estrogens, and powerful androgens like trenbolone-that pellet is now part of the renderer’s pallet.

Grab a barf bag here’s some more:

Hydrolyzed hair is a product prepared from clean hair treated by heat and pressure to produce a product suitable for animal feeding.

Spray-dried animal blood is produced from clean, fresh animal blood, exclusive of all extraneous material such as hair, stomach belching (contents of stomach), and urine.

Dehydrated food-waste is any and all animal and vegetable produce picked up from basic food processing sources or institutions where food is processed.

Dehydrated garbage is composed of artificially dried animal and vegetable waste collected sufficiently often that harmful decomposition has not set in and from which have been separated crockery, glass, metal, string, and similar materials.

Dried poultry waste is a processed animal waste product composed primarily of processed ruminant excreta [AKA bird shit] that has been artificially dehydrated.

Dried swine waste is a processed animal-waste product composed primarily of swine excreta [AKA pig shit] that has been artificially dehydrated.

Un-dried processed animal waste product is composed of excreta, with or without the litter, from poultry, ruminants, or any other animal except humans [emphasis mine], which may or may not include other feed ingredients.

“The feed ingredient definitions approved by the AAFCO apply to all animal feeds, including pet foods, unless specific animal species restrictions are noted.”[3]

The United States is the only Western nation where it is legal to feed raw manure
to cattle.

Super interesting side note: This is not quite as cool as the plant that can take a fully suited executive and transform him suitcase, top hat, tighty whities and spats, into a quart or two of sweet crude oil-the best type by the way. Sorry you’ll have to look that up on your own but it is true. The plant was designed to take poultry guts and convert it to oil. Now that’s a great idea.


In a 1997 article in US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, we learned that animal-feed manufacturers and farmers were also experimenting with dehydrated food garbage — fats emptied from restaurant fryers and grease traps, cement-kiln dust, newsprint and cardboard derived from plant cellulose, and even human sewage sludge.

We can’t help but wonder how much more refined and creative the dehydrated food garbage business has become in thirteen years. While most food activists are concerned with genetically modified corn meal in our cattle feed, the situation is closer to the science fiction film Soylent Green.[4]

Who would have thought there are farmers reported to have experimented with cement dust, which is said to have produced a 30% faster weight gain.[5]

To summarize, animal feed from renderers provides a substantial percentage of calories to any and all domesticated animals in the US. That includes your domestic and exotic pets, all Big Meat and Big Agra interests, all research labs, all animals raised for pharmaceuticals and any other animal that requires humans to feed them. Remember that all pet food comes from these places and is probably the biggest reason why dogs are dying at younger and younger ages from cancers. More on this later.


As you can see toxins and drugs among other things like PRIONS become concentrated just like the Medieval poison makers used to do from one dead body extractive given to the next animal and on and on ad infinitum in our case. With each successive carcass the poison concentrated until we had La Cantarella or some other powerful venom. What this means in our age besides the obvious abomination, is that we are taking a long walk on a short plank.

In the UK the equivalent of the USDA was disbanded completely and junked when the mad cow horror hit. There is only one solution here and that would be to abolish the USDA and start over from the ground up creating a consumer first institution where revolving doors and conflicts of interest by opportunistic fat asses can never get a toehold.

The renderers, along with the feed and cattle industries are responsible, with a green light from the criminals in the USDA (and their former UK equivalent), of creating mad cow disease. Did you hear me? They created it. Mad cow or bovine spongiform encephalopathy may be our 21st century plaque in the form of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease or CJD from eating ruminants gone wild. Let’s now take a closer look at the monster plague-in-the-making Big Meat created.


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