That is to say industrial foods, what I like to call Industrial Dinners, never decompose.

Say what? Previously I touched on the term ID but I didn’t get into the deeper definition. The Industrial Dinner is anything for human consumption, be it food or drink, that comes prepared, processed, or otherwise altered by human hands from its original, natural, form by the food industry to make them more attractive, palatable or saleable or to increase shelf life or decrease price.

Industrialization implies the use of unnatural, foreign, synthetic and possibly toxic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, cheap sugars such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), excitotoxins, pesticides, inflammatory metals such as aluminum, hydrogenated or otherwise processed cheap omega 6 seed oils, high glycemic load, high in proinflammatory Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE’s), lacking in fiber, lacking living nutrients, and void of micronutrients. Much of what makes up ID’s are considered new or recent foods introduced to humans only in the last 10,000 years as is the case for sugar, grains and dairy. Highly refined cereal grains were introduced after the beginning of the Industrial Age with the industrial rolling mill. Highly refined sugar started to become an issue in the 19th century, pasteurized dairy and refined oils only in the last 50 years. ID’s are highly modified foods that are entirely different from their natural state being impregnated with industrial chemicals, stabilizers and colorings of nano-material or petrochemical origin. Other industrial operations needed for processing ID’s are things like dairy pasteurization, mechanized CAFO meat production, sugar refining, industrial seed oil production, and the refining of cereal grains. All of these items are rife with thousands of industrial chemicals and are in particular abundance in places like supermarkets, military bases, school lunch programs, prisons, university lunch halls, hospitals and fast food outlets.

They all serve basically the same thing except that manufacturers of fast food restaurants and much of what we call food in supermarkets manipulate their fares further still with sugars, salt, fats, perfumes and chemicals like ‘char grill” scent created in a laboratory to make them as addicting and savory as possible. The search for this Holy Grail is what industry refers to as the “bliss point,” a seductive eutectic point of sweet, fat, umami, salty and savory.

Photo by Karen Hanrahan. Left side burger from 1996, right side 2008.

Photo by Karen Hanrahan. Left side burger from 1996, right side 2008.



A simple test is to take your ID item and leave it out on a counter without any wrapping, exposed to the environment. ID’s never decompose. A hallmark of real food is that it spoils very quickly. ID’s never spoil, therefore ID’s are not food. If you eat fake food you get sick. It’s that simple and sad.


Much of the standard American diet or SAD is not food by my definition above. In general they are ID’s and therefore bad for you because our inherited DNA sees these as foreign to the body. Try to look at it this way. For over a billion years the creatures we evolved from ate foods available on this planet in their natural, unprocessed state-they successfully adapted to pristine foods. None of the foods our ancestors evolved with were from the list below-the new foods. Because of the fact that our genes code for eating from an entirely different food environment than what we have today, we cannot thrive eating these substances. In fact, they can and do harm us in innumerable ways which I pointed out in last weeks blog, today’s blog and throughout the book. Look at it this way.

Imagine if a zookeeper decided one day to feed his carnivorous wolves fast food burgers, fries and pizzas. His superiors, upon seeing this unusual escapade, would bellow that you cannot feed these animals foods like this because it’s not in their nature to eat this way. If you continued to do this for let’s say a year those wolves would be obese, comic strip, renditions of their former stealthy habitus. Donning blue shorts and sunglasses, waddling around fat, sick, their teeth rotting out and probably diabetic. Looking in fact like your 50 year old high school football coach complete with a “grain bag” hanging over his stretch shorts. In time many would succumb to various cancers and have heart attacks. Sound familiar? It should since we too are apex meat eaters (another blog) unable to process new foods efficiently and safely. We eventually rot our teeth, get fat and succumb to various inflammatory diseases due to the high calorie and incendiary nature of Industrial Dinners.

SIDE RANT. You also see this with our pet dogs and cats, both highly efficient predators, who are forced to eat fast food called dog or cat chow designed with the bliss point in mind using oxidized fats- another abomination. By year four your dog’s teeth are filthy and his breath has been stinking for years. That’s due to gum disease which starts the very day you feed him dog chow (read Raw Meaty Bones by Dr. Tom Lonsdale if you love your pet). In response the veterinarian charges you $400.00 for a teeth cleaning. Dogs won’t lie still so it must be under dangerous general anesthesia, performed with outdated equipment residents trained on in the 1970’s. (SIDE, SIDE RANT: I know of at least one Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who is so cheap he also uses dangerous outdated and unsafe anesthesia equipment in his office based operating room. I refused to offer my services there telling him how unsafe it was. It hardly mattered since there was another anesthesiologist right behind me dying to get in on this otherwise lucrative position) A daily raw, meaty bone would have done a better job at $30 a month. Try it you’ll soon agree that it’s like magic. Just remember that the cooked long bones, the one’s everybody sells for dogs-the big femur and tibia cuts-can crack and chip teeth. You want bones the dog can crunch up and eat. Use rib and T-bones, smaller stuff. It must be raw too. The best would be raw, grass fed. I order mine online from Colorado. I get the beef short ribs. Incidentally, should your dog die under anesthesia it’s because “his heart gave out” when in reality they weren’t paying attention, overdosed him on isoflurane (another fluoride source) and dumped his pressure. I’ll tell you something: almost nobody dies under anesthesia in the real medical world.

Now where the heck was I? Yes, there are so many things wrong with today’s ID’s that I can’t find anything right with them. The standard American diet or SAD is given below for those of you who forgot from last weeks blog.

24% of calories come from cereals

11% from pasteurized dairy

18% from refined sugars

18% from refined oils.

These foods make up 71% of the total calories consumed per day.[1] 42% of it, and some sources say over half, is refined carbohydrate either as sugar or as flour. The AHA and the ADA both recommend about 60% carbohydrate per meal. An Industrial Dinner typically looks like this: it’s a high carbohydrate wheat/sugar envelope with a small amount of protein (as in a processed turkey sandwich) about 20%, small amounts of fat like mayo in combination with about 70% carbs from bread. Add pesticide ridden potato chips (starches) fried in pro-inflammatory seed oil for more empty, painful calories. That 70/20 ratio is a nearly perfect combination to increase your insulin levels to the highest possible output per meal.

I find it very interesting that close to three quarters of our foods are Industrial and about three quarters of all annual deaths are industrial. That is they die from new industrial diseases like heart disease and cancer caused by eating these new foods.

Virtually every dinner in many American households, especially the economically depressed regions, lacks fresh anything except for fluoride rich, iceberg lettuce soaked in sugary, omega-sixed Thousand Illness dressing. A meal like pot roast will offer bread before the main course, nearly universal in restaurants, and often with the main serving of factory farmed (confined animal feeding operation CAFO) meat with all of its considerations. (See my previous blogs on CAFO meat and the Rendering Industry for some facts that you’ll never forget @

The SAD also consists of one gallon of soft drinks per week per person.[2] Each gallon has roughly five cups of sugar in it. Take a typical Friday with the kids eating commercial chain pizza with its massive glycemic load from its attendant large, thick crust. Add to that a huge serving of (I guess I’ll call them) donuts. Most chains offer pastry made from pizza dough and covered with frosting. I thought I was bad back in Georgetown as a medical student ordering fries with my pizza slices something my friend Buzzy never understood. So now donuts, one step better than fries, with pizza is OK. Add up all of the chemicals, the GMO’s, the huge sugar load and wash it all down with diet excitotoxin soda or the high fructose real deal. It is SAD is it not?

I have learned to be very careful about what I eat. I have to be super cautious because my life depends and depended on how I ate as you know. Honestly, if I were to eat a meal like the one featured above once I’d feel crummy but I would just “burn it off’ in the gym the next day. But if I were to keep eating like that every day I wouldn’t survive 6 months without something terrible happening. Just a hunch and I won’t try to prove it either. I do not understand how anyone can eat this stuff and not feel horrible day in and day out. It’s amazing really. Most people are already at a baseline sickness from this constant abuse and yet they don’t even know or feel it. How is this possible? Just the fat gain alone has to be monstrous. Most don’t understand that they are eating a complex mixture of synthetic chemicals, dyes, perfumes and sugars in a matrix of GMO grains and brutality meat.

How do ID’s differ from their fresh, homegrown counterparts? How about chicken? We all know what a real chicken is supposed to look and taste like-kinda tastes like chicken right? If you compare the real Leghorn to a chicken nugget you might be surprised to find that the latter weighs in at about one-half chicken. So what’s in the other half that I’m shoving into my pie hole?

Assuming that you actually want to know because you may never view fast food in the same gentle, amber, light you used to, the rest is made up of sugars, industrial chemicals, pro-inflammatory Omega 6 oils & trans-fats, salt, and GMO grain products like cornstarch or soy as fillers. They are micronutrient deficient, low in fiber if any, and very concentrated in calories much of it coming from various fats and refined carbohydrates.

Furthermore, nuggets of any type are very rich sources of advanced glycation end products or AGE’s. Much of your AGE nurtured nugget will release these toxins upon digestion. What your body cannot eliminate in the urine, or reduce with the liver’s crown antioxidant glutathione, is free to promote degeneration. Since AGE’s act as endothelial toxins their effects eventually lead to diseases such as atherosclerosis. Recall the Maillard Reaction we discussed earlier (in the book example of forming a crust on pan searing meat) which involves the glycation or binding of sugar to proteins often rendering them useless and causing disease. One of the greatest sources of AGE’s come not from the overwhelmed diabetic body with high fasting glucose levels, but rather from the high heat of industrial processing. This heat suffuses AGE’s into the Industrial Dinner which you eat and absorb. Plus they also generate AGE’s in your body from their high sugar content. This is a monumental concern where HFCS is used as the sweetener since evidence shows fructose to be far worse and much more powerful in creating AGE’s than glucose. This just came in from All Mart:

We are going door to door to bring you this special deal. If you purchase one industrial nugget kibble-kit we will double the AGE’s for free. Go industrial, get two AGE’s in one!

List of chemicals in this happiest of meals.

List of chemicals in this happiest of meals.

ID’s come from many sources such as fast food outlets, all chain restaurant foods, numerous Sick Food Store (supermarket) bought items, especially from the interior region, are notorious for ID’s. Basically anything commercially processed.

Many of the formulations of our current ID’s are based on the Diet-Heart Hypothesis. You know, the dog that just won’t hunt? It’s the saturated fat/cholesterol-causes-heart-disease-theory-myth which I debunk in my chapter on statins. This means that many ID’s are still “fat free” and therefore sugar loaded. That’s one of the huge, vexing, problems we still have. Old myths still pervade most nutritionist’s vacuum-filled skulls like that horrid song you can’t get out of your head. Any hospital consultation with a nutritionist will get you a high carbohydrate, low fat, diet even though the science has contradicted the benefits of such a diet for 30 years at least. Just look at the commercials pushing the low fat mantra. If any fat is recommended it’s the so called “heart smart” fat the omega 6 fats like canola, soy or corn oil. As I demonstrated earlier (in my book and in a future blog) the science clearly shows that these oils generate Arachidonic acid (AA) which is a powerful proinflammatory substance. The result is silent inflammation. Studies also demonstrate very clearly that they oxidize easily and serve as free radical generators, cancer promoters and accelerants. That translates into stroke, cancer, autoimmune and heart disease amplifying foods-just the thing you don’t want to be eating right after your heart attack or chemotherapy.

Virtually anywhere you go now your food choices are extraordinarily diminished. Industry took the baton from the thought leaders with junk science and ran with it. Look at the mayor of NYC and the ridiculous laws he’s proposed based on bad science: no more huge bottles of sugar-based soda but no problem if you want a 500 oz barrel of carcinogenic, excitotoxic, NutraSweet® soda. This soda swindle is absurd to anyone who understands the truth. The answer is to rely less on convenience and more on home preparation of food. Cooking and preparing food in a loving, nurturing, environment for you and your family is one of the finest attributes of human kindness and generosity we have. Anyone of Mediterranean descent such as myself will recall the wonders of childhood when dinner was everything. It can be that way again.

[1] IBID. p. 43.

[2] Richard Johnson MD. The Sugar Fix. Pocket Books New York, N.Y. 2008. p. 33

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