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Antipsychotics bring in some $14 billion a year. So-called “atypical” (AAP) or “second-generation” antipsychotics like Geodon, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Abilify and Risperdal rake in more money than any other class of medication on the market and, dollar for dollar, they are the biggest selling drugs in America next to the statins. Although these medications are primarily approved to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which combined affect at most 3% of the population, in 2010 there were a whopping 56 million prescriptions filled for atypical antipsychotics. In a presentation in 2013 at an American Psychiatric Association meeting, Dr. John Goethe, director of the Burlingame Center for Psychiatric Research in Connecticut, reported that over the last 10 years, more than half of all children aged 5 to 12 in psychiatric hospitals were prescribed antipsychotics — and 95% of these prescriptions were for second-generation antipsychotics.

Many of these children didn’t have a condition for which the drugs have been shown to be helpful: 44% of youngsters with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and 45% of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were treated with them. Goethe also noted another study that showed that the number of office visits by children and teens that included antipsychotic drug prescriptions rose 600% from 1993 to 2002. [1]

In case you missed that last entry-clinicians are using AAP’s to treat ADHD. Antipsychotics are not indicated nor approved for use in ADHD or ADD. Furthermore, using an AAP for panic disorder or PTSD is like performing a lobotomy for these conditions. Sure it helps the rising tide of panic but at the cost of decreasing all higher-order frontal lobe processes. From the above it looks as if many of these drugs are now routinely given for conditions that have no indication for such powerful measures as if the physicians were using folk lore for their prescription guidance. If you happen to be a kid in Florida and you are in a detention center there is a good chance that you’ll be given an AAP for anything including insomnia. This should scare the pants off you. It really scares me because I would have been one of these kids, since I was always getting into trouble, and ruined forever as a consequence.

…an exposé by the Palm Beach Post revealed that antipsychotics were among the top drugs purchased by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), and were largely used in kids for reasons that were not approved by the government — for instance, sleeplessness or anxiety. The Post reported:

In 2007, for example, DJJ bought more than twice as much Seroquel as ibuprofen. Overall, in 24 months, the department bought 326,081 tablets of Seroquel, Abilify, Risperdal and other antipsychotic drugs for use in state-operated jails and homes for children.

That’s enough to hand out 446 pills a day, seven days a week, for two years in a row, to kids in jails and programs that can hold no more than 2,300 boys and girls on a given day.[2]


What is the prevalence of AAP use in America? In other words what percentage of kids are on these drugs? The study below looked only at insured children so be aware that the numbers will be higher than those listed when we include every kid in America. Let’s look at the study below entitled the Prevalence of atypical antipsychotic drug use among commercially insured youths in the United States. [3]


The prevalence of atypical antipsychotic use was 267.1 per 100,000 subjects aged 19 years and younger (16 599/6 213 824) and was more than twice as high for male patients as for female patients, although male and female patients were nearly equally represented in the overall population. Prevalence peaked at 594.3 per 100,000 subjects among male patients aged 10 to 14 years and 291.0 per 100,000 subjects among female patients aged 15 to 19 years. Nearly one fourth (3830/16 599) of patients with a claim for an atypical antipsychotic were aged 9 years and younger, and nearly 80% of these (3021/3830) were boys.


Although evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of atypical antipsychotics in young children is limited, nearly one fourth of patients with claims for these drugs were aged 9 years or younger, and a large majority of these were boys. Understanding the long-term effects on the developing brain of early and prolonged exposure to atypical antipsychotics is crucial given their use in pediatric populations.

That’s roughly 1.8 million boys age 10-14 in a population of 300 million when I round off the prevalence to 600, about 0.3%. Don’t forget the cosmetic effect too. We’ll have 1.8 million fat and sick kids. Adolescence is a time when it is the most difficult period of all to be fat due to the mental anguish generated and relentless ridicule dispatched by other kids.

This kind of study haunts me; so now I’m scared and haunted. It is rapidly becoming a fearsome new world-not brave at all. These troubled kids need love, nurturing and counseling but are instead drugged. That way you don’t have to deal with them especially if the facility is understaffed and underfunded. Have you ever heard of a government facility which provides a public service that was properly staffed and funded? If our country gets into the easy habit of simply drugging troubled kids we as a country will fall. Gandhi once said that a nation can be judged on how it treats its animals. How many lost dogs are shipped to research facilities all over the US? How do we treat our 100 million cattle and tens of millions of pigs trapped in mechanized meat mills? Brutal is the word that comes to mind. We are brutal in many shocking ways.

Already nursing homes are all but in name Haldol farms where a huge percentage of our elderly are warehoused and rendered vegetative with antipsychotic medications. Nurses can’t wait to pull out the Haldol for the slightest difficulty in a patient. Now, at the behest of Big Pharma and their paid-to-fabricate thought leaders, we are finding it acceptable to addle young, desperately lost children with dangerous and intoxicating drugs; but it’s not a fun intoxication mind you. On the surface the child looks quiet and comfortable but it’s another story on the inside. I recall a heroin addict that was one of my patients at the phoenix VA hospital. As you might have guessed addicts have huge tolerances to most sedatives while conversely being unusually sensitive to painful stimuli. We tried all sorts of drug combos like Demerol and Valium, which usually does the trick, to sedate him for a spinal tap but nothing worked. Finally in desperation we tried 75 milligrams of IM Thorazine.  Sure enough he was finally quiet and laid still for the procedure. He then slept for an entire day or at least that’s what I thought. When I made rounds on him about 24 hours later he simply said to me,

“Please don’t ever give me Thorazine again. It was the worst nightmare I have ever experienced. If you need to do another spinal tap, or anything else, I promise I’ll sit still for it no matter how much it hurts. I’d rather do it wide awake than take that stuff again.”

If you are not psychotic and you take one of these drugs you will hate the feeling and never take one again. Even if you are completely out of your mind many patients still can’t stand them. These antipsychotics, the newer AAP’s and the older classic ones like Thorazine are horrid drugs which often times produce an inner turmoil or anguish in many people.

In particular do not ever let your vet give you Acepromazine or any other antipsychotic for your dog’s fear or anxiety. You give anxiolytics like Valium or Ativan for anxiety in humans or dogs-not antipsychotics which are indicated for psychosis-duh. You are otherwise condoning an inner torture of your dog or cat. Vets love prescribing this stuff to an ignorant population of pet owners. The only reason why your vet wouldn’t give you Valium for your dog’s anxiety is because he doesn’t trust you-it’s that simple. In our bewildered and completely failed War on Drugs-which anyone who can think for himself knows that it’s a war on civil rights-even our vets suspect every soft, doughy, pet owner as a sequestered dope addict. He thinks you’ll take the Valium for yourself. He and everyone else knows how dysphoric you would become had you tried the Acepromazine instead. Yet he’s all too happy to put your poor dog into that state of mind. That’s the truth folks. Go to a new vet if he or she is unwilling to use the proper medication for the condition.

We live in an strange era where there is no longer any outrage, a virtue of human decency; unless it stems from the misguided politically correct ‘outrages’ taught by university professors that have little in common with normal waking reality. Like the ‘outrage’ people have toward a genuine, warm hearted,  high-school teacher simply hugging a troubled student because he actually cares and nothing more to it. In its stead and wholly replaced is offence-a selfish concern. Everyone is offended by innocent remarks like mistakenly saying “retarded” instead of mentally challenged, gestures like the teacher example, or grossly overestimating the slightest perturbation of gesture as sexual: I recall a professor of medicine, an internist I knew, who referred to herpes in a lecture on sexually transmitted diseases as the gift that keeps on giving which led to a group of offended women calling for his resignation. Why resignation? What exactly did he do wrong? He was, after all, discussing STD’s and he is an Internist. I can’t figure that one out. Whatever he said-so what? That’s my point while strangely obsessed with issues like the above or gay marriage and other straw man arguments to keep the masses occupied, real issues are ignored. Nobody gives a hoot about the millions of kids on the apple cart heading to their destruction in the above mentioned penal colonies and foster homes. One of the definitions of a charnel house is a place of great physical suffering and loss of life. I think that just about sums up our various penal, foster and psychiatric institutions for children whose only goal is to warehouse and destroy.


This is rapidly becoming the norm all across the nation. How much longer before whole segments of prisoners are routinely drugged? Or are they already? Entire populations of school kids are now doped with psychiatric medications because it’s a lucrative cash stream for Big Pharma. Soon everyone will be on some kind of psychiatric preparation if the trend continues. As proof the new DSM V, the bible of psychiatric diagnosis, swells with more and more normal human behaviors reclassified as abnormal psychiatric conditions requiring medications. Who determines something is abnormal when it used to be considered normal? In the DSM V it’s a committee of psychiatrists who by consensus of opinion, and nothing more, will turn a normal emotion such as shyness into social phobia which then requires drug treatment not therapy. Most if not all of these committee members are now paid consultants working for or with Big Pharma. It’s such a threat to our health that I discuss this at great length in a separate chapter. As mentioned earlier 25% of all adult women are on an SSRI while 20% of all men take an antidepressant.

In the conclusions section the authors mention politely that the safety and efficacy of the AAP’s in young children is limited. I’ll say. The FDA does not require safety testing at all and efficacy testing is done on adult populations only for the most part. The truth is we don’t know what these drugs will do long term but from what we do know about AAP’s & SSRI’s in adults I can confidently tell you that it won’t be pretty. We are creating a generation of children who will have lost all hope for a normal life. Imagine what kind of product will emerge if Big Pharma gets its way and we start putting children on statins too? Good lord, let’s remove the building blocks for brain cells, evacuate all CoQ10 from all cells while the child is growing, stop production of sex and stress hormones (60 different molecules within our bodies rely on cholesterol to make them) while ungluing the child from reality. Folks I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. It’s disgusting and a true outrage not canned, agenda driven, PC outrage from some angry university professor.

In the final installments I’ll cover a real case history of a patient that was destroyed by psychiatric medications and the Commercial Sick Care System (CSCS). It’s called the case of poor Jimmy. This is reminiscent of Dr Breggin’s book that lists 50 of his cases that ended in disaster from Medication Madness. It’s real folks and it’s happening in your back yard as we speak (or write). Lastly, you can read up on all sorts of published medication madness at a site put together by my friend Dr Ann Blake Tracy.

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