Our public school system is where millions of children, at least 2.8 million in 2008 are being drugged

Take the example of our public school system where millions of children, at least 2.8  million in 2008[1],  are being drugged (after being given the diagnosis of ADHD) in order to be more compliant and obedient. Externally they appear better off as if the drugs were curing their behavioral problem when in reality their brains are being rendered dysfunctional while the true cause of the child’s behavior remains elusive. It has been said that tomorrow’s leaders are in the classrooms of today with the dubious behavioral problems such as impulsivity, fidgeting, and easy distractibility. Not being able to sit still and not paying attention may be signs of high intelligence, a potent imagination and boredom.

When I was growing up I was constantly getting into trouble in school-almost on a daily basis. I have been slapped around by nuns for the entire 8 years of grade school. I suppose I deserved it at times since I was a real schemer with an eye for a show (to quote Sandy Denny). Furthermore, I was in the police station 17 times before I was 17 for minor stuff-what I would call simply being a kid. I liked plotting things and going on missions at night smashing pumpkins, exploring abandoned warehouses, and stuff like that nothing really criminal. Maybe I blew up a mailbox or two up but that was the extent of it. Although I was never arrested, in today’s world they would surely have arrested me and tried to drug me. Had they succeeded I would most likely be on welfare rather than have gone through medical school because once on those drugs at an early age you’re finished. Furthermore, if you have a criminal record you cannot get financial aid and that’s all folks. For those of you who can’t wait to be offended as part of your politically correct world the nun abuse I “suffered” was nothing at all; no big deal and I’m not scarred for life-at least as far as I know.

However, teachers love it when a rowdy kid gets on speed because all of their troubles are over. The poor soul’s spontaneity is squashed while rendered compulsively obedient. On top of that schools receive a stipend for every stupefied kid the institution reports. There are two laws in place to protect a child with ADHD. One in particular mandates many expensive services to the afflicted child under the IDEA act, the other may provide services under the Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, a civil rights law, [which] prohibits programs that receive federal funds from discriminating against children with disabilities and, under certain circumstances, requires school districts to make accommodations for the ADHD student.[2]

According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), if a child has a disability that affects his or her educational performance, then the child may be eligible for special services [under IDEA or section 504]. Oftentimes families, however, prefer that their ADHD child win IDEA eligibility because it offers a wider range of options, including access to special education classes and programs that are guaranteed funding.[3]

 The government forces these schools to develop massive educational programs including private tutors for a select few children. When I read these laws I was shocked at how over-the-top schools have to be to level the playing field. It’s not surprising then that schools are encouraging the doping of our children because someone has to pay for this. The more kids that have the diagnosis of ADHD the more money the school receives to compensate for the additional costs. Furthermore state welfare agencies will give the households with disabled children an additional stipend per month as much as $400 per child.

Incidentally, when I hear something like “Shadrach buckled down and started paying attention to the teacher after we got him on speed.” I have to remind the parents that everyone buckles down and pays attention when taking speed not just someone with the mail order diagnosis of ADHD, because that’s what speed does. It increases alertness and allows one to focus. That’s why every night the Seal Teams were on a mission in Vietnam many of them also took speed-amphetamine or Dexedrine nicknamed ‘go pills’. In fact, in WWII the RAF attributes its victories thanks to mountains of amphetamine.

In those instances one could not afford the luxury of decreased attention span or daydreaming. I took speed once for an organic chemistry final which was scheduled for three hours. I finished it in one hour and got the highest grade in the class. Yep speed can’t pass without it. Sadly no drug especially psychiatric drugs are side effect free. In fact, most psychoactive drugs especially the newer AAP’s cause CBI.


 The clinical effect of chronic exposure to psychoactive substances, including psychiatric drugs, produces effects very similar to those of closed-head injury due to traumatic brain injury (TBI.) Dr Breggin lists 4 common symptoms associated with the long term use of these drugs leading to CBI:

(1)  Cognitive dysfunctions which manifest in the early stages as short-term memory dysfunction and impaired new learning, inattention and difficulty concentrating.

 (2)  Apathy or loss of energy and vitality, often manifesting as indifference (“not caring”) and fatigue. The individual commonly loses interest in creative activities, as well as other endeavors requiring higher mental processes, sensitivity to others, and spontaneity. The loss of empathy seen in these patients is probably an aspect of apathy as well as an aspect of the overall affective worsening.

 (3)  Emotional worsening (affective dysregulation) including loss of empathy, increased impatience, irritability, and anger, as well as frequent mood changes with depression and anxiety. This deterioration usually has a gradual onset over months or years so that it seems “normal” or becomes attributed to “stress,” “mental illness,” or “getting old”.

 (4)  Anosognosia – lack of self-awareness of these symptoms of brain dysfunction. Whether it involves TBI, Alzheimer’s disease, drug-induced tardive dyskinesia, or psychiatry drug CBI – patients commonly fail to identify their mental symptoms of brain dysfunction. Often someone other than the patient notices these changes. This is an aspect of anosognosia or the inability to recognize brain dysfunction in oneself. [4]

 These are real, tangible brain insults that we can see grossly on CT scan or slide preparations. One of the saddest aspects of CBI is that as the patient deteriorates he cannot make the association with drug affects while his doctor attributes it to worsening mental illness. This may prompt his physician, equally as ignorant of the cause, to further prescribe more psychoactive drugs.

The treatment for CBI is total drug withdrawal. Not all at once obviously but in a manner described below (in another article) with the goal to always move forward and to continue to reduce dosages. The pill shaving technique will work for all of the most addicting drugs especially benzodiazepines like Ativan, the atypical antipsychotics and the selective reuptake inhibitors. For narcotics I prefer a different method which I will not get into here.

The most wonderful news of all is that most children and young patients can expect a full recovery while the vast majority of adults can enjoy a rich and fulfilling life but may suffer some residual CBI effects.

The SSRI’s and their ilk are huge golden calves for the makers. One drug alone snatches in 4 billion a year. Combined they are the second best selling drugs in history bested only by the statins-another group of drugs whose costs far outweigh their meager if any benefits.


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