In the wake of mass hysteria regarding the measles outbreak in Disney Land, which led to the dissolution of California residents vaccine freedoms, I though this blog should be reprinted. The Elites made a power play after the outbreak and won. Now everyone will receive mandatory vaccines in California. This is an outrage and people should be rioting the streets. Dear reader understand that communicable diseases were eradicated NOT BY VACCINES but by improvements in infrastructure such as fresh water, better housing, better nutrition, sewer, sunlight, etc.  This is even admitted by the biggest vaccine proponent in history, Walt Orenstein. This blog deals with measles but one could make similar arguments for whooping cough and rubella and perhaps all of the communicable diseases of the last century as you will see.

“Scientific medicine has taken credit it does not deserve for some advances in health. Most people believe that victory over the infectious diseases of the last century came with the invention of immunisations (sic). In fact, cholera, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough, etc, were in decline before vaccines for them became available – the result of better methods of sanitation, sewage disposal, and distribution of food and water.” From his book ‘Health and Healing’ Dr Andrew Weil

I don’t know how effective it is to quote the rotund, bearded “health guru” but he says the same thing I remember hearing in medical school.

Let’s be sure of one thing. I do not think that you can say vaccines don’t work and I have never made that claim because they do work and sometimes they work very well. The CDC and publications like Eurosurveillance document title waves of certain diseases like measles[1] that return when people do not get vaccines. What is it exactly that they do so well?

The devil is in the details. Before I answer that question, we must weigh the positives and negatives from each strategy and see who ends up less harmed at the end of the day. In modern times like today, when measles returns what percentage are killed outright or addled with severe brain injury verses what percentage are injured from measles containing vaccines? These viruses are all of the same family pedigree are they not? It just depends on who jimmied the gears. Natural infection verses man-made infection.


Complications by age for reported measles cases, United States, 1987–2000.


For example the fearful sequelae of measles are pneumonia, post-infectious encephalomyelitis (PIE) and subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE). The Journal of Infectious Diseases (Oxford Journals) provides us with a wealth of information from a publication by none other than Walter Orenstein MD from the CDC’s National Immunization Program. Remember “what Walt wants” in reference to the first IOM study on vaccines? (You’ll have to read my book to know where that quote comes from) This article entitled The Clinical Significance of Measles: A Review, comes from a very pro-vaccine stance in other words.

Above is a chart listing complications by age for reported measles cases in the United States from 1987–2000. Some of the facts are only mentioned in the discussion section and not in the above table. For example, the disease Postinfectious encephalomyelitis (PIE) will infect 13/100,000 (.013%). Also in the discussion section only we see measles will permanently brain damage 4 and kill 3-4 kids per 100,000 (.003-.004%); Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is super rare, about 1 in 8.5 million cases; for pneumonia you can see from above in a population of about 67,000 patients with measles approximately 4,000 will get a pneumonia (6%).

Overall in that same population of 67,000 infected, 177 people will die from various complications of which the majority will be pneumonia. The highest death rates are clearly in the under 5 yo category with 97 deaths out of 177 total, 43 came down with encephalitis and almost 2500 with pneumonia. If you are between 5 and 9 years old, only 9 will die out of 67,000. The death rate doubles between the ages of 10-29 and triples after age 30 to 27 out of 67,000. These are pretty sobering numbers but a little confusing. The data was gathered from 1987-2000. Since 1993 there have been no deaths from measles. Therefore all of the reported deaths must have come from 1987-1993. What changed in 1993? My guess was better management of critically ill children.

The article clearly states that improvements in water, sewer, housing and nutrition were the big factors in reducing measles mortality and morbidity just like all the kooks out there tell you. Complication rates are increased by immune deficiency disorders, malnutrition, vitamin A deficiency, intense exposures to measles (crowding), and lack of previous measles vaccination. Case-fatality rates have decreased with improvements in socioeconomic status in many countries but remain high in developing countries.[2]

In countries with high measles mortality, treatment with vitamin A once daily for 2 days (200,000 IU for children 12 months of age or 100,000 IU for infants <12 months) is associated with an ~50% reduction in mortality Developed countries. Measles case-fatality rates have declined in association with economic development and associated decreased crowding, older age at infection, improved nutrition, and treatment for secondary pneumonia. In the United States, mortality from measles decreased from 25 per 1000 reported cases in 1912 [2 citations] to 1 per 1000 reported cases in 1962 [1 citation].

In New York State, measles mortality decreased by >15-fold long before the introduction of measles vaccination [1 citation]. US and UK case-fatality rates were 1 per 1000 reported measles cases from the 1940s through the 1980s [four citations]. …Currently there are and have been zero deaths from measles from 1993-present.[3][Emphasis mine]

measles NYCHere’s what the vaccine does: it reduces the INCIDENCE OF MEASLES DISEASE (wild type). That is, it decreases the number of people who get the disease if it’s manufactured properly. (Merck recently had the whistle blown on their ineffective MMR vaccine.)

Here’s what happened without the vaccine but with better nutrition, fresh water and sewer, etc: the DEATH RATE OR THE INCIDENCE OF DEATH dropped all on its own as you can see on the graph to your left.

That means that a first world resident who is unvaccinated may indeed become infected with measles but she will not die from it. Furthermore, deadly complications listed in this article are exceedingly rare among those with robust immune systems (the first world).

Now if the MMR or any other form of vaccine were completely harmless we could argue a decent case for it in the first world-it would decrease the incidence of measles. But the vast majority of well-nourished people in the first world who get measles suffer no ill effects, and the MMR and any other live measles vaccine HAVE NUMEROUS ADVERSE DRUG EFFECTS. Live measles have been cultured from CSF, blood, colon, and brain tissue. These vaccines are NOT harmless. Many vaccinated patients harbor live measles in their systems for their entire life.

Mass vaccination programs were not implemented until the 1980’s for measles. As you can plainly see from the graph provided by Oxford’s Journal of Infectious Diseases, we see that in New York State from 1910-1969 measles deaths were plummeting way before a vaccine was even a pipe dream.

In part two I’ll go over the CDC bait and switch.


[2] J Infect Dis. (2004) 189 (Supplement 1): S4-S16. doi: 10.1086/377712

[3] IBID

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