Vaccines clearly reduce incidence of disease

This is part two of a two part series on the measles vaccine. In this article I refer to various complications that can happen to some kids who receive the MMR or any measles containing vaccine. I do not actually list them, that’s mentioned earlier in my book but they include ASD and autism and many other possible complications. Keep that in mind as we go through this article. This graph (above) was taken off the CDC’s website entitled MISCONCEPTION #1 – Diseases had already begun to disappear before vaccines were introduced, because of better hygiene and sanitation. Notice the bait and switch however. They plot incidence over time. Incidence is the number of new cases in a given number of people. Vaccines clearly reduce incidence of disease if we are to believe the above graph. But recall the bold-type faced quote above (from the previous blog) from the Journal of Infectious Diseases. The death rate from measles in the US dropped from 25 per 1,000 in 1912 to 1 per 1,000 by 1962. In other words due to all of the changes in nutrition, water, sewer and housing in the US measles was now becoming something closer to a nuisance.

One could argue that while most kids were still getting the measles in the pre-vaccine days essentially none of them were dying from it by 1962. Showing once again that wellness, being healthy, plays a huge factor in disease prevention or your ability to withstand a disease complication. In fact, if all those infrastructure effects were sold as a single vaccine it would be hailed as a “miracle drug.” I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that they weren’t all ending up brain damaged either rather than dying. I’ll assume that all sequelae were decreased. Furthermore, these kids benefitted from life-long immunity of the best type. This includes pregnant women insuring their wee little ones would acquire superior passive immunity passed on to the newborn from mom’s robust immune system primed with oodles of protective antibodies because of natural infection not vaccination.

Then Walt makes this bold statement:

Measles vaccination is one of the most cost-effective health interventions ever developed. Without the vaccine, 5 million children would die each year from measles-assuming an estimated case-fatality rate of 2%–3%. Without measles vaccination…

Why are we assuming a 3% mortality rate? That rate more resembled Scotland or the US before the turn of the century not now. His own data tells us that the true mortality rate in the years just prior to mass inoculations was 1 death in 1000 or 0.1%? This translates to an underwhelming 150,000 deaths worldwide not 5 million. Is it still cost effective? Five times that number of children under 5 years old die from infectious diarrhea each year and ten times that amount from pneumonia the leading cause of death, both related to sanitation issues among others according to the WHO fact sheet for 2013.[1] Vaccinating third worlders is OK if that’s all you had. But a step in the wrong direction when valuable resources could be allocated toward infrastructure improvement which delivers hands down the most bang for your buck. History proves that as clearly as you can see from the graphs.

He also clearly shows that:

Measles vaccination had a lesser effect on overall child survival in households of higher socioeconomic status.

That statement means that kids from the suburbs were already healthy and robust. The death rate was already super low in that class of patients so the vaccine in this case does nothing. Lastly, the death rate has been zero since 1993 in the US. This is not due to vaccination as Walter clearly shows with his own data while shooting himself in the foot. The latest improvements are probably all intensive care related-technology improvements or possibly taking vitamins. We would have to read further into the actual cases to find out why.

He makes a good argument to vaccinate third world countries like Haiti, Bangladesh, and sub-Saharan Africa, where poor nutrition and famine make children vulnerable to measles. [2] Or places like Afghanistan where war vastly increased the death toll from measles infection.[3]

For the rest of us suburban first-worlders all pink, shiny with jet-puffed hair, platform glitter shoes and stinking of Brut-but taking our vitamins-he makes an amazingly unconvincing case for measles vaccination.

In the final analysis which would you prefer? A decrease in acquiring measles (decreased incidence) through vaccination with the risk of complications associated with live measles vaccines that I have mentioned earlier (in my book)? These complications are not trifling either. They lead to brain inflammation, ASD,  and one can develop a Crohn’s-like disease and dozens of other complications. Or if you are nutritionally sound and healthy, natural infection with lifelong immunity accompanied by an essentially zero death rate and the low risk of a devastating complication such as encephalitis with brain damage with odds of about 4 in 100,000 people?

Like everything else I talk about it all comes down to eating and living right. Follow the book on how to do this to maintain a strong immune system and remain disease free. This actually is how it was with Paleo man before overcrowding and micronutrient deficiencies from a monocultured grain diet became the norm.

In a different study researcher Dr Neil Miller examined death rates due to major childhood diseases. To his surprise he found that deaths from whooping cough (pertussis) had fallen 75% BEFORE the start of mass vaccination. Measles deaths dropped more than 95% BEFORE mass vaccination.[4] Most authorities would attribute improved nutritional status, relief from overcrowded conditions and sanitation upgrading for the dramatic downturn. The same factors they freely admit reduced TB outbreaks to a fraction of their former rates in this country in the 19th century.

In the 1950’s or 1960’s every kid got measles as a rite of passage and very few suffered any permanent damage or death. My Mom tells me of a kid that suffered severe brain damage from a measles infection when I was growing up. He was the unlucky one. Would vaccination have prevented it? Probably, but that depends on many variables and cannot be answered yes or no. What we can say is that if you (a first worlder) get infected with wild-type measles you will not die. At least statistically that’s what the data tell us. In the past mostly the very young and the malnourished were culled as we see from the above statistics for the under 5 age group.What about all of the scary sequelae like pneumonia or brain damage?

Currently, you have an overall 6% chance of getting a pneumonia, a .004% chance of brain damage and no chance of dying. Further research should look at what population of children were these 67,000? In other words who’s getting measles right now in the US or in the last several decades? Is it across the board, the poor and the rich, the well-fed and the malnourished? I doubt it.

Vaccines are not even close to 100% efficacious. With that in mind how many of these kids have already been vaccinated? If you dig deeper than the headlines you’ll see that during outbreaks of whooping cough, mumps and measles the vast majority of infected kids have already been vaccinated. But the elite media will not mention that part. Basically, anything that’s important to us is usually off the table for discussion. If you doubt me simply read up on the Truth Emergency in America written by the Project Censored scholars. In the book I mention another study from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that 60% of children do not develop an antibody response to the measles vaccine.

Now weigh the chance that you may still develop a wild-type measles infection, with its current rates of complications, even after being immunized.  Now factor in the numerous complications from the live single dose vaccine or in combo with MMR. Many of these vaccine induced “complications” lead to chronic disease and disability.

Consider further that if you are unvaccinated AND very well nourished you may not ever get the disease. Some Americans get very mild forms of measles that are difficult to diagnose since they are so mild.

There are a few other facts to take to the bank. Natural infection confers lifelong immunity while most vaccines give you several years tops. In third world countries death rates plummet when children are supplemented with vitamin A and zinc. Measles death rates in this country are almost exclusively related to co-morbidities such as prematurity or having an immune-suppressing disease or therapy.[5] Yet, in spite of that we have had no deaths since 1993! That’s an indication that our nutritional status is still better than third world even with our most disadvantaged populations, and that modern medicine can work wonders in acute settings like treating a deadly pneumonia in a newborn with measles.

Measles vaccine in summary: healthy, first world children who opt out of vaccination may get the disease but will not suffer for it. In other words you will not die nor suffer any other devastating consequences except in exceedingly rare cases of which I have provided the actual rates. If you are of lower socioeconomic status, malnourished, at the poverty level or live in a third world country, the vaccine will help prevent the massive increase in mortality seen in these groups.

These really are the people that benefit from vaccination. For example, those from war-torn Afghanistan who suffer much higher death rates with measles. Here the risks of live measles vaccination outweighs the much higher death rates. Not true in our plump, well nourished American kids where complications from wild-type measles is rare, and death rates are zero.

Lastly there is the X factor regarding anyone who receives a live measles vaccine. Who will suffer from the complications of live measles vaccines mentioned previously is currently not known since it has been made exceedingly difficult to pin those complications down due to the politically charged atmosphere regarding vaccines. However, I have 1,200 pages of which 200 of them are devoted to vaccine truth. I’ll just say that these complications are not benign.

What would I do armed with all of the information I have on vaccine induced injury? I’d say take those filthy things and get out of my way-in other words NO WAY JOSE!




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